July 10, 2017

Requested post from Wayne Kauffman, regarding SNP U106

From: Wayne Kauffman at: dna_wayne@yahoo.com

Regarding Hill groups 10,15,46,48,49,55,59, and 70.


Currently your members in your Hill’s project group are designated as R-M269. This is a high level group which includes maybe 40% of all European males. All of you have DYS492=13 present in your grouping. Currently about 92% of R-M269 individuals with DYS492=13 are positive for the haplogroup SNP U106 and fall into that large haplogroup region. We would like you to consider joining your kit to the U106 project and further refine your haplogroup from its M269 designation. As one confirms/refines the haplogroup closer to genealogical time you narrow down the number of other surnames/lineages that share your ancestral history. Also hints around your geographic origins and ancestral movements are developed based upon test results from hundreds of lineages. The U106 project has some of the most advanced analysis available and you can view it at http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/~mcdonald/genetics.html

After joining the U106 project the project admins will place you into an appropriate group based upon your STR results. This grouping will help guide you as to how to proceed with refining your haplogroup. In several of your cases we may be able to make even more precise predictions based upon how your linages fits in with the other 3800 testers in the project. Primarily the options are specific SNP packs, other than the high level R0M269 one that is advertised on your account page, of a full y-chromosome test.

Consider joining your kit to the R1b gateway project and the R-U106 projects and look through the various resources to see what your next step(s) may be in understanding your y-DNA test results.

R1b gateway project

R-U106 haplogroup project

ISOGG beginner resources for understanding SNPs, haplogroups, STR results and genealogy

Based upon your interest level and research goals if there are any questions about testing options feel free to ask me or in one of the discussion groups.

Wayne Kauffman at: dna_wayne@yahoo.com

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