September 1, 2017

Are your match preferences generating too many email notifications?

Many participants have their match preferences in their FTDNA account settings at a low resolution setting that is matching participants that are so distantly related that we cannot even Group the matches. This is generating massive numbers of email notifications, often wasting everyone’s time. Please review your match settings at your FTDNA account and adjust to a higher resolution for notifications. We do not Group any results for testing levels under 37 Markers.

Also, there are many participants who have “joined” the HILL DNA PROJECT only for the purpose of finding collateral relations with no Y-DNA connection to any HILL participants. Many of these participants have their match notifications set very low as well, also generatingĀ massive numbers of email notifications. For participants only searching for collateral relation research, you will find better HILL lineage information on this ( website by using the SEARCH feature.

For either of the above situations, again… if you are receiving too many match email notifications from the FTDNA, please log on to your FTDNA account page and adjust your preferences to a higher resolution.

Thank you!

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