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KIT 40918: FRED EDWARD HILL (1900-1955 Madison Co. MS).I don’t know much about the Hill side of my family. My grandfather Fred Edward Hill (death certificate listed his birthdate as “12/23/1900” and date of death as “June 24, 1955” ) and his older brother ( Richard Hill ) ran away from home at an early age and were discovered walking down a road in rural Madison County near Canton, Mississippi in the early 1900s. A family adopted them and most of Fred’s descendants (including myself), ane have lived in the central Mississippi area since those days. He never talked about where he and his brother had run away from nor did he provide the names of his parents or relatives. Perhaps there are clues in the names he gave his own children. Yet, on the brother’s death certificate he listed the name of their parents as “James E. Hill” and Mother’s maiden name as “Mary Howard” ( no birth or death dates on either person ). On his own death cert. are the same two names for his parents as well as the place of his own birth ( Fred’s ) as Madison County, Mississippi.
Perhaps, eventually, the wonderful work that’s being done by Family Tree DNA and the Hill Project coordinators will help reveal to us that which he could not. I’ve done a little amateur investigation over the years but now I’m inspired to have a skilled professional work on the case. Thanks again and I’ll be glad to be of assistance,
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 40918:
Possibly James E. HILL (m. Mary Howard)
Fred Edward HILL (1900- 1955)
(Not Provided) HILL ( ?)
Paul HILL (Living)
Contact: Paul Hill,
140 Ann Drive
Pearl, MS 39208

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KIT 559258: SARGENT NELSON HILL is a descendant of Benjamin Hill and Mary Wooten. It appears that Benjamin was a resident of Johnston County, NC when they were married there on 28 November 1787. He had purchased land from John Gully in 1784 in Johnston County. They moved to Wake County, NC by 1815 and left North Carolina in 1827 for Greene County, AL. They arrived in Greene County by January 1828 and sold their land in NC in 1832. Benjamin wrote his Last Will and Testament in Greene County, AL on 29 October 1831. It was not probated until 19 December 1842. His will named his wife Mary, sons Wooten, Sherwood, Berry, James, and Jesse Hill. Sons William and John Hill were not named in the will, probably having already received a legacy. His two daughters were Mary and Sarah Hill. Benjamin Hill was listed as a Private in the NC Line and applied for a pension on 22 September 1832 in Greene County, AL; he was 71 years old. His pension application was rejected as he didn’t serve long enough; he had served in the NC Militia for three months. The date of birth calculated from his pension application is 13 December 1761. He died 24 January 1841 in Greene County, AL.
Direct paternal lineage of Sargent Nelson Hill is as follows:
Benjamin Hill (1761, NC – 1841, AL)
John Hill (1798, NC – 1865, MS)
William Benjamin Hill (1817, NC – 1893, TX)
Jesse William Hill (1851, LA – 1935, TX)
Lloyd Eustace Hill (1886, TX – 1967, TX)
William Sargent Hill (1921, TX – 2013, TX)
Sargent Nelson Hill – living
Contact: Kenneth Brimer: