Group 71

(Haplotype R-M269)

ANALYSIS OF PARTICIPANT DATA: I have believed that Green Hill who married Nancy Sneed in Wake County, NC was a son of my Sion Hill and Starage Lee, especially because a Sihon/Sion Hill bonded the marriage; and the marriage was just a couple months after my John McDowell married Tilathy Hill who I believed to be one of Green Hill’s sisters. Well, the Y-DNA that came back yesterday has blown that out of the water. There are about 22 genetic markers that don’t match up with the Group 5/Sion Hill participants. Sadly, I have to say that while my research is still correct, my believed outcome was not. And, as you’ll see, this Green Hill/Nancy Sneed had a lot of connections with Joseph Hill from Johnston County, including their travel and living in Johnson County, Iowa. My researching brother and I had come to the conclusion that the connections were because both Green Hill and Joseph Hill had mothers with the Lee maiden name. While that actually still might be a connection worthy of solving, the Y-DNA proves that there is a male Hill connection as well. – Analysis by L. Jerry McDowell – 4th generation Hill descendant of Kit #19351, Group 5 –,

KIT  687269:  DALE MARTIAL HILL is a descendant of Green Hill and his second wife Louisa Elward. Green Hill was born 4 August 1801 in Johnston County, NC. He married first to Nancy Sneed in Wake County, NC on 25 Dec. 1819. The bondsman for the marriage was a Sihon/Sion Hill. This researcher has believed for many years due to the bondsman fact and many others connecting persons from Johnston County to Sion Hill in Davidson County, NC and other children in Randolph County, NC that he had to be a son of Sion Hill and Starage Lee who married in Johnston County, NC on 21 October 1800, at least months before Green Hill’s birth. However, if Green Hill was a son of Sion Hill and Starage Lee, he would have matched up with participants in Group 5 and there are about 22 genetic markers different in the 67 marker Y-DNA test. Sadly, this researcher must confirm that this Green Hill is NOT a son of Sion Hill and Starage Lee. For others researching this group, you might want to consider the Green Hill who married Sallie Lee in 1799 in Johnston County, NC as a strong candidate for the father of this Green Hill and Nancy Sneed lineage [see kit 786890].

By 1838, the family with their five sons and one daughter had moved to what became Johnson County, Iowa. His first wife Nancy Sneed Hill died 1 October 1859 and on 15 December 1859, Green Hill married Louisa Elward in Johnson County, Iowa. She was born about 1847 according to the 1860 census and was barely old enough to get married. They had a family of six additional children from which this DNA descendant comes.

Direct paternal line of DNA participant 687269:
Green Hill – born 4 August 1801, Johnston County, NC – died 5 February 1881, Johnson County, Iowa – married (2) Louisa Elward on 15 December 1859 in Johnson County, Iowa
Levi Hill – born Jan. 1864 in Johnson County, Iowa – died 16 October 1937, Johnson County, Iowa – married Ida Louise Babbitt on 15 February 1888, Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa
Delbert Marion Hill – born 10 September 1904, Johnson County, Iowa – died 27 June 1967, Johnson County, Iowa – married Cordelia Florence Crossett on 6 April 1926, Lone Tree, Iowa
Delbert Leonard Hill – born 7 July 1926, Wellman, Washington County, Iowa – died 3 January 1994, Riverside, Washington County, Iowa – married Ila Darlene Smith on 14 November 1946, Iowa City, Washington County, Iowa
Dale Martial Hill – born 27 November 1947 – living
Research of DNA participant 687269 by L. Jerry McDowell – 4th generation Hill descendant of Kit #19351, Group 5 –,

KIT 786890: LAWRENCE “SONNY” HILL is a descendant of Joseph Hill and his wife Sarah Lee. According to Revolutionary War papers, “On this 14 day of March 1844 … Mrs. Sarah Hill resident of Johnston County aged 84 years … married to her deceased husband the said Joseph Hill in the month of October 1778 in the County of Johnston and State of North Carolina by Alexander Avery, Esqr. and that her oldest child was born in the year 1779; and that her maiden name was Sarah Lee, and the oldest child’s name is Green Hill and oldest daughter name is Sarah, and the other son named Joseph Hill, next daughters names Rebecca Hill, Penny and Puah which is all living except Penny. That her husband the aforesaid Joseph Hill died in Johnston County in the year 1829 aged about 79 years as she has frequently heard him say…subscribed on the day and year above written [signed] Sarah (her X mark) Hill.”

It’s perhaps a little strange that the first child, interestingly named Green Hill, was born in 1779 but Joseph, Jr. was not born until 1806 as will be shown, but this researcher accepts the Revolutionary War documents as on file at Sarah Lee Hill was born about 1760 and deposed at age 84 in 1844, but was not alive in 1850. The Joseph Hill, Jr. family left for Davidson County, NC in the 1846 timeframe. He married his second wife Widow Hannah Stout Yarborough in 1846 [court records prove the marriage] and Joseph and Hannah had one child. She had had eight children by her first marriage to Zachariah Yarbrough and two of their daughters intermarried with sons of Green Hill and Nancy Sneed [see kit 687269]. Also, William Aldridge Hill, son of Green Hill and Nancy Sneed, married Joseph Hill’s daughter Penelope by his first wife. There’s not only a Y-DNA connection between Green Hill and Joseph Hill, but there are intermarriages between the families. The Y-DNA connection at 67 markers shows 5 genetic distances.

Direct paternal line of DNA participant 786890:
Joseph Hill, Sr. – born 1750 in Johnston County, NC – died 1829 in Johnston County, NC – married Sarah Lee in October 1778 in Johnston County, NC [see Revolutionary War papers for Joseph Hill]
Joseph Hill, Jr. – born 15 December 1806, Johnston County, NC – died 29 November 1859, Johnson County, Iowa – married (1) Elizabeth Johnson on 2 September 1825 in Johnston County, NC
Eli/Elijah Francis Hill – born 28 February 1830, Johnston County, NC – died 11 October 1904, Franklin County, KS – married Ruth Ellen Reid on 28 April 1853 in Johnson County, Iowa
Curtis Franklin Hill – born 25 March 1856, Johnson County, Iowa – died 3 February 1947, Greene County, Arkansas – married Mary Elizabeth Powell on 4 July 1886 in Franklin County, Kansas
John Francis Hill – born 18 March 1888 in Sharp County, Arkansas – died 17 April 1956 in Green County, Arkansas – married Stella E. Hart on 22 December 1912 in Sharp County, Arkansas
Lawrence Everette “Dutch” Hill – born 2 October 1913, Arkansas – died 28 March 1995 in Warren, Bradley County, Arkansas – married Hazel Elizabeth Kemp on 17 October 1936 in Ashley County, Arkansas
Lawrence “Sonny” Hill – born 19 November 1940 – living
Research of DNA participant 786890 by L. Jerry McDowell – 4th generation Hill descendant of Kit #19351, Group 5 –,