Group 4

(Haplotype T1)

This group will remain intact until we locate more participants and better define the actual DNA of this line. Kit #4010 was submitted by one of the foremost researchers of this line, and two of 4010’s mismatches are considered fast mutating DYS, but when you consider that none of the participants who claim lineage to Isaac Hill, Sr. match perfectly with each other, it suggests strongly that #4010 and #4712 need the complete 37 Marker test. Participant #12685 shows the mismatches rather than the others because his lineage claim is not to Isaac Hill, Sr. Participant 8504 (not grouped here) remains in the list of Unmatched Participants, and claims to be a descendant of this Isaac Hill Sr., but is of a completely different haplotype than the above participants. Participant 4847 is of a completely different surname, yet matches perfectly with 4712 (there were related MITCHELLs to the Isaac Hill, Sr. family). More family research needs to be done to substantiate the lineage claims made by these participants, more participants need to be added to this group, and full 37 marker tests should be ordered by all these participants.

Letter from FTDNA, sent on November 28, 2006:
I have taken a look at the results for group 4 and while there are some mutations, I think the grouping is correct. To demonstrate how the members results match up using the tools from Family Tree DNA, I created a subgroup for the results, using the Members subgrouping link at the bottom of the GAP Menu and created one group from your Group 4, and then viewed the results in the Colorized chart. You can still see the results of this by clicking on the Y-DNA Colorized Chart. The system automatically defines the modal haplotype and highlights the differences from this modal haplotype. The differences highlighted by this rendering show the way we would make this comparison.
The grouping is very similar to what you have provided on the website with a few exceptions. I would say that all of these men shared a common male ancestor within a recent time frame. They all belong to a haplogroup, K2, which we do not find very often and it is very unlikely for them to have this haplogroup and to not have shared a common male ancestor within a recent time frame.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Have a nice day,
Catherine McDonald
Family Tree DNA

Posted Feb. 28, 2007
Group 4 has a sponsor willing to fund a 37 Marker test for any HILL seeking a connection to
Isaac Albert Hill. Some reasonable lineage information may be required for approval.
Contact: Charles at:

KIT 4712 & 4010 & 33469: ISAAC HILL, Sr. b/22 Jul 1748 (place unproven), d/28 Jul 1825, Warren Co., TN, m1/1772 Martin Co., Halifax District, NC to Lucinda WALLACE b/1746 St. Mary’s Co., MD, d/23 Sep 1798 Edgecombe Co., NC. Children: (1) Elizabeth b/aft. 1772 NC, d/bef. 1850, m/Mitchell WATKINS, b/c 1745 Edgecombe Co., NC, d/1845 Washington Co., GA. (2) Henry John Alexander, b/7 Feb 1774 Edgecombe Co., NC, d/1 Aug 1825 Warren Co., TN, m/6 Jan 1796 Edgecombe Co., NC to Susannah SWALES b/31 Dec 1767 St. Mary’s Co., MD, d/23 Sept 1846 Warren Co., TN. Henry also had another woman who bore him six children during the same time he was married to Susannah, named Polly JOHNSTON b/19 Jan 1787, d/18 Apr 1870 Warren Co., TN. (3) Mary Ann b/1775 NC, m/Thomas WEBB b/1770 NC. (4) Lucinda “Lucy” b/6 Jul 1778 NC, d/c1858, m/bef. 1804 TN to Etheldred “Dred” MAY. (5) Martha b/1779 NC, m/David MORGAN. (6) Isaac, Jr. b/1781 NC, d/1809 Hillsboro, Jasper Co., GA., m/in AL to Angeline Penelope CLARK. (7) Lawrence b/c1782 NC, d/1819 Monticello, Jasper Co., GA, m/ 7 Mar 1811 Monticello, Jasper Co., GA to Betsy GOODWIN. (8) Wright b/16 Oct 1782 Edgecombe Co., NC, d/16 Apr 1848 St. Clair Co., MO, m1/bef 1818 to Unk. Wife, m2/ bet. 1818-1820 to Frances CHRISTIAN b/6 Dec 1795, d/20 Feb 1872 St. Clair Co., MO. (9) Benjamin J. b/1783 Granville Co., NC, d/May 1852 Warren Co., TN, m/c1802 Warren Co., TN to Rebecca WALLACE b/1783 SC. (10) Asa b/1784 Edgecombe Co., NC, d/18 Jul 1844 Gay Hill, Washington Co., TX, m/3 Oct 1811 in Sparta, Hancock Co., GA, to Elizabeth BARKSDALE b/3 Jan 1795 Hancock Co., GA, d/28 Jan 1883 Gonzales Co., TX. (11) John J. b/30 Sep 1785 Edgecombe Co., NC, d/20 Jul 1848 Troup Co., GA, m/27 Nov 1806 in Jasper Co., GA to Sarah Henrietta PARHAM b/19 Dec 1790 Baldwin Co., GA, d/16 Jan 1854 Troup Co., GA. (12) Whitmel b/1789 NC, d/1829 Warren Co., TN, m1/Unk, m2/8 Dec 1812 to Elizabeth FOREMAN b/c 1780 NC, d/1863 Calhoun Co., AL, m3/Biddie CHRISTIAN. (13) Allen (Rev.) b/27 Nov 1792 Bertie Co., NC, d/4 Jan 1874 Clark Co., AR, m1/1811 Jasper Co., GA to Annie PARHAM b/c1794 GA, d/c1851 Chickasaw Co., MS, m2/4 Apr 1855 in MS to Hepsiba Prewitt BAILEY b/1 Jul 1798 TN, d/aft 1870 Clark Co., AR. (14) Sarah Hill b/1797 NC, m/Sylvanous KNIGHT. Isaac Hill (1748-1825) m2/ Lydia White Jones HILL, widow of Hugh Jones and William Hill, respectively.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4712:
Isaac HILL, Sr. (1748 – 1825)
Abraham Webb (1784 NC – 1844 TX)
William C. J. HILL (1811 GA – 1897 TX)
John C. C. HILL (1880 TX – 1945 TX)
James J. HILL (1921 TX – living)
Contact Loy Burgess at:
Family Website:

Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4010:
Isaac HILL, Sr. (1748 – 1825)
John J. HILL (1785 – 1848)
Allen C. HILL (1826 – 1894)
John P. HILL (1851 – 1922)
William A. HILL (1878 – 1938)
Paul T. HILL (1913 – 1979)
John Paul HILL (1940 – living)

Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 33469:
Isaac HILL, Sr. (1748 – 1825)
Asa Hill (1784, NC-1843/TX/) married Elizabeth Barksdale (1808 GA- TX).
Jeffrey Barksdale Hill (1816, GA-1901 TX) married Mary Harrison ( -1903 TX)
William T. Hill (1857TX-1929 TX) married (no records found?) Felicitas Gonzales (Mexico-1952-TX)
Tomas P Hill (Gonzales-mother’s maiden name) (1907 Mexico-1964-TX) married Rosa Pulido (1905 Mexico-1972 TX)
Tom P Hill Jr (1934 TX-2003 TX) married Mary Louise Cardenas (1935 TX-)
Tom P. Hill III (1958 TX-)
Contact: Rose Ward:

KIT 12685: WILLIAM HILL b/1782(?), d/bef 1860 Jackson Co., Al., m1/to Elizabeth (?) Hill b/1785 NC, d/aft 1860 TN (Paint Rock) Jackson Co., AL. One known child: Absalom William b/1818 Jackson Co., AL, d/bef 1870 Jackson Co, AL. m/Caroline (?) Hill b/1819, Jackson Co, AL. Children (all b/Jackson Co., AL): (1) George Washington, b/1843, d/(?), m/9 Mar 1862 to Frances GADDES (d/o James and Sally Gaddes), (2) Elvada Lydia, b/1845 m/16 Feb 1863 to William GRAHAM, (3) Margaret RIDDIEL b/1847, m1/27 Dec 1867 to Thomas D. FANNING, m2/4 Feb 1873 to Joseph BELL, (4) William L. b/May 1850, m/15 dEC 1880 TO Adie C. Allis HARRIS, (5) Benjamin b/1852, (6) John Anderson b/1-6-1854, d/9 Apr 1937, Henderson,Rusk Co., TX, (7) A. Wallace b/1859
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 12685:
William HILL (1782 Al – ????.)
Absalom William HILL (1818 Al.- ????)
George Washington HILL (1843 Al.- ????)
James Forest HILL (1864 Al.- 1953 Tx.)
James J. HILL (1901 TX – 1943 Ok)
Ples James HILL (1921 OK – 1989 OK)
Corwyn Leroy HILL (1953 WA – living)

KIT 4847: Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4847:
Isaac HILL Sr. 1748-1825
William Hill Mitchell 1778-1821, Granville, NC
James Mitchell, 1815-1891, Granville, NC
William Frank Mitchell, 1853-1880,Granville, NC
John Marvin Mitchell, 1877-1957, Goldsboro, NC
Earle Linwood Mitchell, Goldsboro, NC
Daniel E. Mitchell, 1935 New York City, NY.
Contact: Daniel E. Mitchell:

KIT 50790: John M. Hill (by some records) was thought to be the son of Isaac Hill b 1790 and Sarah Parnell of South Carolina and Lowndes County AL. I have some anecdotal evidence to indicate this but no proof. They also have John M. Hill’s first wife as Martha Milligan of Lowndes county Al. The census of 1860 indicates child Catharine was from an earlier marriage.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 50790:
John M. Hill b.c. 1812 SC d.1870
Roland Lonnie Hill b1858 AR, d.1916 Pulaski Co, GA.
Allison Roland Hill 1896 d 1982 Bleckley Co. GA
James Roland Hill b 1921 living Bleckley Co. GA
William Roland Hill b 1952 living Bleckley Co. GA
Contact: Kathy Hill Chapman,

KIT 73861: Earliest known ancestor thought to be William HILL (b.1782 – d.1818-60?). No documentation.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 73861:
Absolem William HILL (1818 – 1860/70?)
John Anderson HILL (1854 – 1937)
Thomas Jefferson HILL (1897 – 1918)
Thomas Wilson HILL (1918- LIVING)
Contact: Vicki Hill

KIT 77113:
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 77113:
Isaac Albert Hill (1790-1868)
John Mack Hill (1842-1923)
Wiley Benjamin Hill (1881-1954)
Wiley Benjamin Hill, Jr (1913-2000)
Wiley Benjamin Hill, III (Living)
Contact:, or

KIT 107316: George W. Hill b. 1827 IL d. about 1902 Arkansas. First wife may have been Conley. No proof, children from first marriage David Alexander and Elizabeth. Both born in Illinois. Second wife Nancy Elizabeth Martin. Children George Newton, Malvina, Milberry Lucinda. All three born in Arkansas.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 107316:
George W. Hill b. 1822 IL, died about 1902 Arkansas
George Newton Hill b. 18 Feb 1855 Ark
Son Ivar Virsho Hill b.11 June 1894 D. 27 Feb 1947
Son David Franklin Hill B. 5 Jan 1936 Still living
Contact: David Hill

KIT 119994 Nathaniel Hill and Moriah Flowers (1860 Darlington census). Nathaniel Hill was born in NC about 1794/95. Children of Nathaniel and Moriah were Sena Hill, I. Hill, Samuel Hill, Jesse C. Hill, Benjamin (Ben) Hill, Robert Hill. and Eli Hill. Moriah Flowers was Nathaniel Hill’s 2nd wife.
Nathaniel Hill married 1st. Sarah (Sally) Odum. He and Sally lived in York Co, SC and is listed on the 1840 census. Sally died about 1840/41 and he moved to Darlington, SC leaving some of his older children in York Co, SC. His sons William E Hill and Nathaniel Hill, Jr. are in the 1850 and 1860 census of York Co, SC. Children of Nathaniel and Sally were Joel Hill, William E. Hill, James Hill, Nathaniel Hill, Jr, Salina Hill, Ahaz Hill, Jacob Hill, Lucinda Hill, Sarah Hill, and Salome Hill. The 1840 York Census shows Nathaniel and Sarah had six daughters. The names of some of these children were written in a 1933 letter by James Franklin Hill living in Birmingham, AL. He was a son of William E. Hill. He also wrote that he had been told that Nathaniel Hill’s father was Joel Hill.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 119994:
Nathaniel Hill was born about 1794/95 in NC (married Moriah Flowers).
Jesse C. Hill (born 1851-53 in SC married Susanna James)
Jesse Edward Hill (born 1881 Darlington, SC & died 1947 – married Lula Ella Blackman in Darlington)
Robbie Lee Hill (born 1911 Darlington, SC married Vesta Juanita Bounds in 1933)
Kline Nathaniel Hill (born 1940 Ft. Moultrie, SC – Living)
Contact: Fran Harris Hill

KIT 128712:
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 128712:
Isaac Hill, abt. 1731 NC – 1799 Darlington District, SC
Michael Hill, abt. 1755 NC – 1816 Darlington District, SC
Amos Hill, 1788 NC – 1853 – Darlington District, SC
Calvin Hill, 1831 Darlington District, SC – 1883 Darlington District, SC
Murray B. Hill, 1860 Darlington District, SC – 1940 Florence, SC
Dudley William Hill, 1903 Timmonsville, SC – 1976, Florence, SC
Carl F. Hill, 1929 Florence, SC – 2002 Florence, SC
Carl F. Hill, Jr., 1955, Florence, SC – Living

KIT 138280: Nathaniel H. Hill, born 1823 (Ga.) wife Hulda, born 1820; daughters Tabitha(1840);Martha (1841);Prisilla (1853); ALICE (1858); SONS; William T. (1848); Augustus(1855); Richie(1860; John Andrew(1862) (All children born in SC) GGrandfather: William T. Hill(1848), wife Sarah E.(1849); daughters Lizzie(1875); Laura(1881);Hector(1885) SONS; Lucius F.(1883); William N.(1878) (everyone born in SC); Grandfather, Lucius F. Hill(1883), wife Jessie Mae Galloway(1895); daughters; Virginia(Brogdon)(1920);Eleanor (Ellis)(dob?); Ida Mae(Davidson), (dob?) SONS; Willard W.(1921);Marion T(dob?);Lucius F. Jr.(dob?); Clyde E.(dob?) My father, Willard William Hill Sr.(1921) mother, Mary Pearl(1922)(Godbee); two sons Willard William Hill Jr.(Myself-2/22/1941);Hubert Gregory (1945); daughter, Sherri Janis(1947).
Direct Paternal lineage of DNA Participant 138280:
Nathaniel H. Hill, born 1823 (Ga.)
William T. Hill(1848)
Lucius F. Hill (1883)
Willard William Hill Sr.(1921)
Willard William Hill Jr.(1941)
Contact: William Hill:

KIT 140482: Our DNA sample is from my father, Jasper Hill. We do not know our lineage past my fathers grandparents, Isaiah B. Hill & Annie Hughes Harrison Hill (Elmer F. Hills parents). The grandparents had several marriages with up to 14 children between them. I have been trying to find the connection, but so far without luck. The information on the hilldna site has notations of contributors. One of these contributors was Edith Neal Hill Kniffin. I have yet to find anyone that knew her prior to her passing or who can provide us with further family info. She would have been my fathers stepmother as she was the second wife of Elmer F. Hill. Elmer was married to Gertie Robbins and had three children before he left one day for work and never returned.
Reggie Hill Jordan,

KIT 182394: Nathaniel Hill was born Sept 1794 in North Carolina died 16 June 1862 in Darlington, SC married (1) Sara Sally Odom b about 1800 in Darlington SC died unknown in York County SC. Married ( 2) Moriah Flowers of Darlington. Nathaniel received a land grant in Jefferson County Tenn.and lived for a period of time there. Children of Nathaniel and Sally Odom as follows: Jacob, Joel supposed to have married Naval Griffin, James Hill moved to Alabama and Mississippi his children supposed to have moved to Louisiana and Arkansas, William E. Hill, b 26 Feb 1823in Darlington SC d 5 July 1896 in Chester, SC married Martha S. Morgan 21 Nov 1844 in York County SC. Children of W.E. and Martha are: James Franklin b 24 Sept 1845 d 11June 1936 in Birmingham Ala He was a confederate veteran and former magistrate in Birmingham. He married Esther Mitchell., Joseph W b 29 Dec 1846 married Martha Emily Brown he was a Confederate Veteran., William Thomas b 8 Feb 1849 d 15 Feb 1937 Married (1) Sarah Halsell (2) Roseanna Page (3) Joanna Gregory., C Victoria b 19 Mar 1851 d 14 Jan 1925 Married William Benjamin Cranford., Martha E and Frances R. both died young. Mary Ellen 7 Sept 1857. Nannie b 13 June 1856 d 26 Apr 1930. Married Miles Howell., Laura b 4 May 1862 Married Tim Howell., John R. 30 Jan 1864 d 1 Sept 1915. married Mary Holley. Henry E. 25 Aug 1866 d 24 Sept 1874.
Direct Paternal lineage of DNA Participant 182394:
Nathaniel Hill b Sept 1794 d 16 JUNE 1866
William E. Hill b 26 Feb 1823 d 5 July 1896
William Thomas Hill b 8 Feb 1849 d 15 Feb 1937
William Robbs Hill b 27 May 1885 d 20 Dec 1969
Robert C. (Bob) b 24 July 1923 Living
Contact Bob Hill:

KIT 185060: Joel Hill, Jr. is thought to be the son of Joel Hill, Sr., as Court Records reveal where Joel, Jr. ask to be appointed administrator of the Estate of Joel Hill, Sr. This is confirmed by papers in the Columbus County Court House in Whiteville, NC. Columbus County was formed in 1808 from Bladen & Brunswick Counties. The Court Records, dealing with the Estate of Joel Hill, Sr. end in Feb. of 1834, when what was left was to be divided among the heirs. No other records can be found. At this time, it is believed that Joel Hill lived in the part of the County that had once been Brunswick County.
There are a few land records that dealt with the Hill’s from Darlington, SC and it is believed that Nathaniel Hill (1794) might have been the youngest son, of Joel Hill, Sr. It is also believed that a Samuel Hill, in the same area, might have also been his son. Samuel Hill & Elizabeth Ross were married the same day that Joel Hill, Jr. and Elizabeth Soules were and the Bondsman was the same. This Bondsman, James Russ, also had someone, in his family, that had married into the Hill Family.
Joel Hill, Jr. & Elizabeth Soules were married, July 27, 1808 in Shallotte, NC, Brunswick County.
Three children were born to this marriage: George Washington Hill (1819) Leannah Elizabeth (1822) & Armelin Bryant (1828). These 3 children had 1200 acres of land divided between them one year before the death of Joel Hill, Jr. Armelin Bryant Hill married Elizabeth Ann Best, daughter of John Best and Elizabeth Register Best.
William Armond Hill (2nd son of AB Hill) married Marietta Brice, raised by David & Henrietta Canady.
Julian Hill married his first cousin, Annie Agnes Hill, daughter of Jefferson Davis Hill & Mary Loraine Rushing.
James Alton Hill married Beatrice Andrews, daughter of William Andrews.Joel Hill, Sr. (1760-1830)
Direct paternal lineage of participant 185060:
Joel Hill (abt. 1755-1830) Not Proven
Joel Hill, Jr. (1784-1844)
Armelin Bryant Hill (1828-1913)
William Armond Hill (1856-1926)
Julian Hill (1886-1970)
James Alton Hill (1914-1966)
Raymond McArthur Hill (1943-Living)
Contact: Barbara Hill-Nobles:

KIT 238525: David A. Hill B 1850 Arkansas, died 29 Oct 1885 Red River County, Texas Married Clarka Elizabeth (Betty) Askew Dec. 1869, Bowie County, Texas Children: Lillie Belle, Conley, Lula, John Lee, David Alexander.
Direct paternal lineage of participant 238525:
David A. Hill b. 1850 Arkansas, died 29Oct1885, Red River County, Texas
Conley (Charlie) Hill B. 26Dec1879 Bowie County, Texas, died 29Feb1964 Snyder, Scurry County, Texas
Leslie Augustus Hill born 18Oct1899 Bowie County, Texas, died 18Jul1993 Lubbock County, Texas
Joseph M. (Mac) Hill living Texas
Contact Suzanne Carpenter

KIT 378392: Information not yet provided by Participant

KIT 409542: Samuel Hill 1810-1876 in Pulaski County, Ga.
Samuel Hill was born in Darlington County, SC in 1809-10 according to census data and a death notice found in local paper here in Pulaski County, Ga. Samuel first appears in the 1840 census in Houston County, Ga. He is my great, great grandfather. His wife was named Mahala – not sure of maiden name. Listed on death certificates of descendants as “Hill” but doubt that is correct. Some research indicates she may have been a Dunn. Mahala lived with Benjamin after Samuel’s death. Samuel had the following children: (1) female showing in 1840 census as being 10-15 years old believed to be Elanora “Laney” Hill who married a Miles Moore in 1846 in Houston County, Ga. One of their children shows up living with Samuel in 1870 census. (2) Elizabeth Hill b. 1835 and married a James Conner in 1865 in Wilcox County, Ga. (3) Isaac Hill b. 1839 and died reportedly in 1872. (4) William Hill b 1840 and died in Civil War in 1864 at Elmira Confederate Prison in New York (5) Ezekiel Hill b 1843 and died in Civil War at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. (6) Joel Thomas Hill b. 1845 and d. 1923. Joel married first Evaline Moore and second her sister Mary Edna Moore (7) James Addison Hill b. 1848 and d. 1882. He married a Martha Ann Hogsette in Dooly County, Ga. (8) Frances Katheryn Hill b 1850 and d. 1942 in Ben Hill County or Irwin County, Ga. She married a James Marion Bussell (9) Benjamin Franklin Hill b 1854 and d. 1940. He is my grandfather. He married a Mary DeLana Mixon. One of his children was James Thomas Hill, my grandfather.
Direct paternal lineage of participant 409542:
Samuel Hill 1810-1876 in Pulaski County, Ga.
Benjamin Franklin Hill 1854-1940 in Pulaski County, Ga.
James Thomas Hill 1891-1961 in Pulaski County, Ga.
Joel Andrew Hill 1919-1982
Joel Andrew Hill, Jr. – Living
Joel Andrew Hill, III and William Moore Hill (my sons)
Contact Joel Andrew Hill, Jr. (Andy) at

KIT 424554: William W. Hill B:1816-Oh’ Ogeechee Arises’, Washington Co. Ga.
William W. Hill B:1816-Oh’ Ogeechee Arises’, Washington Co. Ga. D:1894 Cedar Springs, Ga. married Elizabeth Thigpen on 13th of June 1841-Washington Co. Ga. Children: (1) Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Hill B: 1844 Washington Co. Ga. D: aft.1910 Early County, Ga. Never married-no children  (2) William Elijah Hill B:15 April,1847-Washington Co. Ga. D:14 May,1890-Springfield, Early Co.Ga. married Amanda Wiley B:Aug,1849, Early Co. Ga. D: 1 Feb. 1929 Early Co. Ga.  (3) Joel Ivey Hill B:13 April, 1851-Cedar Springs, Ga. D:10 May,1910-Springfield, Early Co. Ga. married Rebecca Anne Wiley B:1 Oct. 1855-Cedar Springs, Ga. D:7 June 1894 Springfield, Early Co. Ga. NOTE: Amanda Wiley and Rebecca Anne Wiley were sisters.

Children of William Elijah and Amanda Wiley Hill:
Elijah Theopulis Hill B:19th Nov,1869 D:17th March,1950 – Sarah “Sallie” Hill B:20th July,1871 D: 25th Dec., 1955 – Thomas Jefferson Hill B: 24th July,1874 D:4th Sept,1952 – Joel Jesse Hill B:30th May,1877 D: 1st May,1922 – Emma Hill B: 6th Sept,1880 D:20th Nov,1906- Dennis Mindum Hill B: 8th June,1883 D: 24th July,1960- Annie May Hill 8th June,1885 D: 28th July,1972- Ollie Hill B: 24th Nov.,1889 D: 2nd of March,1973

Children of Joel Ivey and Rebecca Anne Wiley Hill:
Ivey Jackson Hill B:13th July,1872 D:1st of May,1914 – Jesse Wilborn Hill B:9th April,1873 D: 5th December,1948 – Elly Zebulon Hill B:11th of April,1875 D:17th August,1967 – Rufus Madison Hill B:18th October,1878 D: 21st January, 1952 – Harris Linton Hill B:24th September,1882 D:30th March,1952 – Addie Lou Hill B: 23th February,1889 D:24th August,1976 – Joseph Clarence Hill B: 27th April,1893 D; 28thth September,1968

Joel Ivey Hill married Mary Lula Barfield B:August 1868 D:29th June,1939 they had one daughter: Beulah Hill B:1901 D: 13th of February,1965 she married a Sirmons.

Direct paternal lineage of participant 424544:
William W. Hill 1816-1894
Joel Ivey Hill 1851-1914
Rufus Madison Hill 1878-1952
A.R. “Jake” Hill 1908-1979
A. Lamar Hill 1928-Living
Contact info:

KIT N60174: Information not yet provided by Participant