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KIT 4048: Robert Hill B:1589 Wiveton, Norfolk County, England. D: 1622 Crewkerne, Somerset, England. M: Ann Kinge, 1610 Sharrington, Norfolk County, England. (B: 1593 Crewkerne, Somerset, England. D: Crewkerne, Somerset, England)
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4048:
Robert Hill ( 1589 England – 1622 England)
Robert Hill, Jr. (1615 England- 1682 VA)
Sion Hill ( 1654 VA – 1689 VA)
Robert Hill (1678 VA – 1762 NC)
Abner Hill (1719 NC – 1788 GA)
Abner Hill (1779 NC – 1858 Illinois)
Isaac HILL (1806 NC – 1880 Iowa)
Isaac Marion HILL (1836 MO – 1904 MO)
Arthur Leslie HILL (1872 MO – 1951 MO)
Robert Minard HILL, Sr. (1913 MO – 1951 OR)
Robert Minard HILL, Jr. (1941 VA – living)
Paul Knight HILL (1976 PA – living)
Calvin Knight HILL (2002 PA – living)
Graham Paul Hill (2006 PA – living)
Oliver Magnus Hill (2008 PA – living)
Contact: Robert Hill,

KIT 4927: BENJAMIN HILL, b/????, d/16 Jul 1838 Abbeville, SC, m/3 Sep 1794 Columbia, GA to Elizabeth COTTON. Children: (1) Christiana b/??, d/12 Dec 1849 (m1/Joseph A. HAMILTON, m2/Joseph DAVIS; (2) Elizabeth; (3) Frances m/20 Mar 1834 to James W. RICHARDSON; (4) Charity b/1790, d/1839, m/1816 to Thomas H. FULTON; (5) Hamilton b/6 Jun 1795, d/ 5 May 1839, m1/Jane PAUL, m2/Margaret B. FOSTER; (6) Samuel Lane b/1803 m1/Mary A. MATHIS, m2/Pamela MATHIS, m3/Mary CLARK; (7) Richard b/1805, d/19 Jan 1841, m/1826 to Sarah Jane RAMEY; (8) Lucretia b/1807, m1/Joseph A. HAMILTON, m2/ Johnson RAMEY.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4927:
Benjamin HILL (17?? – 1838 SC)
Richard HILL (1805 – 1841 SC)
Andrew Mantz HILL (1833 SC – 1897 SC)
James Andrew HILL (1866 SC – 1943 IL)
Andrew Mantz HILL (1900 SC – 1951 MO)
(living descendants)
Marianne Hill Vahlkamp, 450 West Adams, Saint Louis, MO 63122

Kit: 105937: Robert Hill Sr.(Unproved) (B: 1615 Northumberland, England, D: 1682 Isle of Wright County, Virginia, married Mary Webb, B: 1621, D: 1684, Children: Lorraine, Sion William, Robert Jr. Sion William Hill Sr (Unproved)., B: 1654 Isle of Wright County, Virginia, D: 1689 Surry County, Virginia, Married Elizabeth Smith Splitimber B: 1662, D: 1689, Children: Robert, John, Sion, Richard, Thomas, Michael, William. Robert Hill (Proved) B: 1678 Isle of Wright County, Virginia, D: 1766 Halifax County, North Carolina, married Tabitha Green, B: 1690, D: 1765, Children: Ann, Green, Sion, Thomas, Abner, Lewrania, Tabitha, Agnes, William Clanton, Milory, Mary. William Hill (sometimes Sr.) (Proved) B: 1714 Bertie County, North Carolina D: 1803 (believed) Hancock County, Georgia, Married Charity Lewis B: 1735, D: 1820, Children: Lewis, Richard, William Clanton Jr., Sion L, Enoch, Henry, evidence also suggests a daughter named Nancy. Lewis Hill (Proven) B: 1735 Granville County, North Carolina, D: 1795 Franklin County, North Carolina, Married Rebecca Watkins B: 1765 D: after 1820, Children: Hinchey, Guilford, Green, Milley, John Tilden, Henry. John Tilden Hill (Proven) B: 1786 Franklin County, North Carolina, D: 1854 Montgomery County, Tennessee Married (1) Elizabeth Eley or Ely, B: 1797 D: 1832, Children: Sarah, John, Milton, Martha, Eliza, William T, Thetus, Jesse Ely, Henry Burton, and (2) Nancy Sawyers B: 1812, D: 1880, Children: George Washington Hill. Jesse Ely Hill Sr. (Proved) B: 1820 Montgomery County, Tennessee D: 1883 Robertson County, Tennessee, Married (1) Mary A. Talley D: 1847, no known children, (2) Caroline Shanklin D: 1921, Children: Elizabeth, Martha M, Louis A, James Milton, Robert Henry, David B, Ermine F, Ann L, Caroline (Carrie), Ellen, John Landon, Joshua Lester Dock, Jesse Jr. , Nimrod Kay. Nimrod Kay Hill (Proved) B: 1866 Robertson County, Tennessee D: 1956 Davidson County, Tennessee, Married Lela Frances Edwards, B: 1867, D: 1950, Children: Ben Sory, Claude Kay, Jadie Edwards, Ethel Ann, Charles William, Emmett Stanley. Charles William Hill Sr., (Proved) B: 1902 Robertson County, Tennessee D: 1973 Highlands County, Florida, Married (1) Ella Mae Grubbs B: 1902 D: 1940, Children: Charles William Jr., Louis B. (2) Jean Correll B: 1918 D: 1981 Children: Lela Frances, Betty Jean, Ethel Ann, Charles Stevens (Myself), Jady Edwards.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 105937:
Robert Hill/Mary Webb (pending proof) Isle of Wright County, Virginia
Sion William Hill Sr. (pending proof) 1654-1689
Robert Hill/Tabitha (proved) 1678-1766
William Hill (sometimes Sr.) (proved) 1714-1803
Lewis Hill (proved) 1735-1795
John Tilden Hill (proved) 1786-1854
Jesse Ely Hill Sr. (proved) 1820-1883
Nimrod Kay Hill (proved) 1866-1956
Charles William Hill Sr.(proved) 1902-1973
Charles Stevens Hill 1950-present (myself)

KIT 107017: Isaac A. (Abner?) HILL, b 5 April 1800 in North Carolina; d 31 August 1833 in Harris County, GA; and his wife Isabella COX, b 16 November 1801 in Jones Co. GA; d 9 October 1883 in Bremen or Buchannan, Haralson Co., GA. We do not know the parents of Isaac Abner HILL; however, there is strong circumstantial evidence that he was a younger brother or half-brother of Sion L. (Lewis or Lassiter) HILL, b 3 February 1796 in North Carolina; d 2 August 1871 in Ozark, Dale Co., Alabama. Sion. L. HILL married (5 December 1818, Jones County, GA) Frances DISMUKES (b ca 1798 in Jones Co., GA; d 25 December 1884 in Ozark, Dale Co., Alabama. Isaac A. HILL & Sion L HILL lived in close proximity until Isaac’s untimely death in 1833.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 107017:
-Isaac A. (Abner?) HILL, b 5 April 1800 in North Carolina; d 31 August 1833.
-Jackson Lafayette HILL, b 26 August 1826 in Hamilton, Harris Co. GA; shot at the Battle of Fredericksburg VA; d 25 December 1862 in Confederate Army Hospital at Richmond VA. Buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA., Grave Q-39, and his wife Isabella Baskin McCain, b 25 August 1828 in South Carolina; d 6 March 1898 in Temple, Carroll Co., GA.
-William Henry HILL (Harry), b 9 October 1855 in Temple, Carroll Co. GA; d 21 November 1920 in Palmetto, Campbell Co. GA. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Palmetto, Campbell County (Now Fulton County), GA. and his second wife, Frances Ella FOY, (F.E.), b 3 September 1875 in Butler, Talbot Co., GA; d 7 February 1966 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA.
-Dr. William Harry HILL (KIT: 107017) born 7 November 1917.
Contact: George H. (Hill) Stevens, Major, US Army, and DoD, Retired
705 Gleneagles Drive, Fort Washington, MD 20744-7012, H: 301-292-1202, GHStevens3@AOL.Com

KIT 162478: Robert Hill, Sr. B: before 1775 (age 45 and upwards on the 1820 census), D: testate Sept. 1825, Warren Co., GA, married unk. Children: James, Benjamin, Sion, Robert Jr. (m. Sarah Hill), Abner (m. Eliza Darden), Seaborn, Sarah and Temperance (m. Abner Darden). Sion Hill B: Nov. 25, 1797, Warren Co., GA, D: testate Oct. 30, 1849, Warren Co., GA, married Susannah D. Lewis, Oct. 19, 1820, Warren Co., GA. She B: Jan. 22, 1798, D: July 3, 1871, Warren Co., GA. Children: Lawson (d. at age 2 yr.), Elizabeth Bethany (m. John K. Riviere), Crawford (d. at age 17 mo.), John Thomas, Araminta (m. Joel Green), Roseanna (d. at age 21 mo.), Mary Amanda, Rebeckah Ann (d. at age 12 da.), Egbert (d. during Civil War), Luther (d. at age 17 yr.), Marcus Posey (d. age 4 yr.), and Albert (m. Sarah Ann Dickson). John Thomas Hill B: Oct. 21, 1826, Warren Co., GA, D: 1890s, Warren Co., GA, married Elizabeth Chapman, Jan. 30, 1848, Warren Co., GA. She B: Aug. 1, 1816 in GA, D: after 1900 in Warren Co., GA. Children: Celeste Eliza (m. Henry Hendrick), Adolphus (m. Mary L. Elliott), and John Wesley. John Wesley Hill B: Oct. 7, 1855, Warren Co., GA, D: Jan. 27, 1934, Richmond Co., GA, married Mary Frances Rebecca Edwards Dec. 24, 1893 in Warren Co., GA. She B: Feb. 26, 1874, Warren Co., GA, D: Aug. 21, 1931, Richmond Co., GA. Children: Raymond (m. Bonnie Bishop), Nellie (m. Remer T. Bishop), and William Alpheus Mercer. William Alpheus Mercer Hill, Sr. B: Jan. 9, 1905, Warren Co., GA, D: Sept. 23, 1985, Richmond Co., GA, married Sophia Beatrice Elmira Crawford Sept. 14, 1931, Aiken Co., SC. She B: Mar. 23, 1910, Lincoln Co., GA, D: Aug. 7, 1993, Richmond Co., GA. Children Wiliemette Erline, Mary Elizabeth and William Alpheus Mercer Jr.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 162478:
Robert Hill, Sr. before 1775 – 1825 Warren Co., GA
Sion Hill 1797 Warren Co., GA – 1849 Warren Co., 1849
John Thomas Hill 1826 Warren Co., GA – 1890s Warren Co., GA
John Wesley Hill 1855 Warren Co, GA – 1934 Richmond Co., GA
Mercer Hill, Sr. 1905 Warren Co., GA – 1985 Richmond Co., GA
William Alpheus Mercer Hill, Jr. 1945 Richmond Co., GA – living
Contact Clyde Hooks:
and Mercer Hill:

KIT 218594: Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 218594
Robert Hill, Jr. 1615-1682
Sion Hill Sr. 1654-1705
Robert Hill III 1678-1766
Abner Hill 1716-1788
Robert Hill Sr. before 1775 to 1825
Benjamin Hill 1796-1863
William Jackson Hill 1826-1904
Charles Walter Hill 1862-1938
Malcolm Alexander Hill 1909-1989
Charles Walter Hill Sr. 1942 – Living
Charles Walter Hill Jr. 1973 – Living
Charles Hill, PO Box 1258, Cullowhee, NC 28723

KIT 260758: Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 260758:
Unknown Hill
Alfred Baker Hill, 1806 GA- 1889 AL (proven as father of George W. Hill)
George w. Hill, 1856-1921 AL (supposition as father of White Littleton)
White Littleton, 1871- 1924 AL (proven)
George W. Littleton, 1900- 1975 AL (proven)
William R. Littleton, 1924-2012 AL (proven, DNA participant)
Contact: (Lisa) Elise Littleton Powers,

KIT 282513: HENRY B. HILL, b.c.1795 in NC, d. May 1880 Monroe, GA
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 282513:
Henry B. Hill, b.c.1795 in NC, d. May 1880 Monroe, GA, m. Ann P Walsh, b.c.1800 SC
Henry B Hill, b.c. 1828 in GA, m. Louisa A. Selph, b. 18 Feb 1838 in Bulloch Co., GA, d.21 JUL 1915
Abner Francis Hill, b.June 11, 1856 Hamilton Co., FL, d.Sept. 13, 1923, m. Martha Ann Thompson, b. May 18,1861 in Wayne Co. NC
Horace Thompson Hill, b.11 Jan 1895 Dade City, FL, d.Jan 1956 Dade, FL, m. Ruby Olivia Robertson, b.29 Apr 1896 FL, d.10 Sep 1970 Deland, Volusia, FL
Vernon Franklin Hill, b.25 Sep 1915 Plant City, FL, d.6 Jan 1981 Hialeah, FL, m.Opal (McWhorter) Hill, b.15 Jun 1922 Dade, FL, d.15 Jan 2000 in Riverdale, GA
Vernon Devon Hill, b. Sept 7, 1944 (still living)
Contact: Carrie Hill Lillard:

KIT 398401: Participant has not yet provided lineage.

KIT 415848: ALFRED BAKER HILL , b/1806 Jasper, GA, d/ 1889 Chilton, AL m/ Louisa
HONEYCUTT b/ 1814 Jasper, GA, d/1895, Chilton, AL. Children: (1) James, b/1830 d/1862,
(2) Pirly Jane b/1829 d/1866. (3) Samuel Jack b/1832 d/1867 m/ Ann O’NEIL 1861, (4)Henry
L. b/1833, d/1923 (5) Mary Ann, b/1837 d/1929, m/1855 Edmund PEEK (6)Piety Jane b/1840
d/1936, m1/ 1851 Moses W SMITH, m/2 1891 A. M. MOSELEY, m/3 1897 Robert
UNDERWOOD. (7)Elizah P b/1843 d/ 1857 (8) Wiley M. b/1844 d/1899 m/1877 Fannie
MONTGOMERY (9)William Thomas b/1848 AL, d/1916, AL m1/1865 Mary Emma PEEK
b/1849 d/1878, m2/1879 Edna DUNCAN, m3/1881 Seleemia PUGH b/1858 d/1904, m4/1915
Nettie (Kattie) ELLIS b/1882 d/1947. 10)Robert I. b/1850 d/1881. 11)George W. b/1855 d/1921
m/1868 Maranda MARTIN.
DIRECT paternal lineage of DNA participant 415848:
Alfred Baker HILL (1806 GA-1889 AL)
William Thomas HILL (1848 AL-1916 AL)
Willie Jason HILL (1883 AL-1957 AL)
Hilton Henry HILL (1909 AL-1975 AL)
Jayson Hill (1957 GA-present), Charles Hill (1947 GA-present)
Contact: – JoAnne Leach, 7000 Stanford Ave. St. Louis, MO63130

Kit: 503854: Robert Hill, born about 1690 in Isle of Wight, VA, married Tabitha (last name not proven). Robert died in 1765 in Halifax County with a Will naming the following children – Abner Hill (married Sarah Mathis), Agnes Hill (married Charles Arrington), Ann Hill (married John Steed), Green Hill (marriage not proven), Lewraina Hill (married Drury Arrington), Mary Hill (married William Bryant), Milbry Hill (married Matthew Gibbs), Robert Hill, Jr. (died young before 1762), Sion Hill (married Hannah Mabry), Tabitha Hill (married David Chapman), Thomas Hill (married Sarah Etheridge), and William Hill (married Charity Lewis). Son Sion Hill was one of the three executors of Robert’s last will and testament. Contrary to many postings, Sion Hill did not die in 1780 in Wake County, NC. He died in July 1768 in Orange County, NC where his estate records are on file. If there was another earlier marriage, there is no found record of male heirs as only one son, Abner Hill, inherited land from his father’s estate.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 503854:
Robert Hill/Tabitha – ca. 1690 Isle of Wight, VA – 1765 Halifax County, NC
Sion Hill/Hannah Mabry – ca. 1710-1735 Isle of Wight, VA – July 1768, Orange County, NC
Abner Hill/Sarah Lanier Brown – 9 Feb. 1766, Orange County, NC – Aug. 1855, Alabama
William Seth Hill/Mary E. Woolsey – 21 July 1811, Brunswick County, VA – 27 October 1858, Lee County, Alabama
Richard Dudley Hill/Nancy Elizabeth “Lizzie” Fleming – 22 April 1846, Brunswick County, VA – 17 October 1912, Panola County, TX
William James Hill, Sr./Sarah H. “Retta” Parker – 20 October 1877, Panola County, TX – 11 September 1949, Shelby County, TX
William James Hill, Jr./Blanche Hulene Crumpler – 14 September 1908 – 18 February 1995
William James Hill, III – born 2 December 1946 – living
Contact: L. Jerry McDowell (4th generation Hill descendant of Kit # 19381, Group 5) or

KIT 758060: Participant has not yet provided lineage.

KIT 794182: Participant has not yet provided lineage.