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KIT 44140: ABRAHAM HILL (1698 VA – 1760 will NC) son of Henry HILL (b/c1670 – d/1719/20) and Mary (HINTON?), m/Judith ____. Children: (1) Henry HILL (1730 VA/NC – 1804 GA) m/Sarah COTTON; (2) Abraham HILL (1732 VA/NC – 1792 GA), m/Kathrine WALTON (1735 NC – 1809 GA); (3) Isaac HILL (1734 – 1828) m/Nancy EVANS?; (4) Theophilus HILL (1742 NC – 1791 FL) m/Teressa THOMAS (1743 NC – 1826? FL); (5) Sarah HILL (1739? – ????) m/Jacob HUNTER; (6) Mary HILL (1741? – ????) m/Mr. EASTON.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 44140:
Henry HILL (c1670 – c1719)
Abraham HILL (1698 -1792)
Henry HILL (1730-1804)
Abram HILL (1778 – 1852)
John Middleton HILL (1810 – 1875)
Henry Willis HILL (1857 – 1875)
John Middleton HILL (1891 – 1971)
Henry Willis HILL (1927 – living)
Contact: Henry Willis Hill,

KIT 36182: Josiah Raines, b.1791 to 1994, married in Wilkes County Ga in 1815 to Sally Carrell. The direct line for my Hill 37 marker exact match leads to direct descendants named Henry Hill b.1730 and a son Abram Hill b. 1778. They resided in 1794 next door to Ignatius Raines (Reigns) on Long Creek in Wilkes County GA. I had believed for many years Ignatius was the father of Josiah Raines. Now I suspect his daughter was the mother of Josiah and either Henry Hill Sr. or his son Abram Hill is the father of Josiah Raines.
Further evidence of the relationship is that Sarah Cotton Hill, daughter of Henry Hill, married into the Woods/Middleton family also of Wilkes County during that time. Josiah had named his first son Middleton Woods Raines. Also Henry Hill sued John Purvis in 1801 in the Spotsylvania District Court, VA using the will of Henry Rains d.1767. Henry Rains the father of Ignatius Rains d. 1799 in Wilkes Country GA, mentioned above. Too much coincidence that the next door neighbor of Josiah Rains was Henry Hill and my 37 marker test. Exactly matches the 37 marker test of a direct decedent of Henry Hill.
Contact: Gary Raines,

KIT 4172: FRANCIS J. HILL b/26 Sep 1827 in Unk Co. GA d/5 Jun 1865 Unk. (possibly Marion Co. FL) m. Julia Ann Williams 1838 AL or GA – 1920 FL. Only child: (1) Starling Theophilus HILL 1856 FL-1891 FL. Francis J. HILL’s brother was Wiley GB HILL b/7 Oct 1833 GA d/8 Jan 1863 (probably Marion Co. FL). Source of info: Family Bible and Census Records. Note: No documentation as to parents of Francis J. HILL, who were probably living next door in the 1860 Census of Marion Co., FL. GB HILL age 55, Mrs. M. HILL age 50, Harriett 16, John 14. Note: unable to trace G B HILL and his family.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4172:
Francis J. (Frank) HILL (1827 – 1865) >Starling Theo. HILL (1856 – 1891)
Ottis Marion HILL (1887 – 1985)
William Thorburn HILL (1916 – 2001)
Kenneth Roger HILL (1955 -)
Contact: Cherry HILL
Website: Ancestry Online Family Tree

KIT 145441: Lineage Info not yet provided by Participant

KIT 4280: Thought to possibly be descended from HENRY HILL b/c1620 Eng. m1/Jane (mnu), Children: (1) Richard (2) Henry (c1650 VA – aft 1698) m/Jane (mnu) (3) Other children unknown. Connection to this Henry through his son Henry Hill (c1650) is speculative until proven, but the lineage below has been proven.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4280:
Henry HILL (c1670 – bef 18 Apr 1720)
Abraham HILL (1698 – 1760)
Henry HILL, Sr. (1730 – 1814)
Abraham HILL (1778 – 1852)
Henry Willis HILL, MD (1827 – 1904)
James Abram HILL, MD (1856 – 1922)
James Gatling HILL, Sr. (1896 – 1959)
Alfred Braden HILL, Sr., (1934 -)
Alfred Braden HILL, Jr. (1963 – )
William Braden Perry HILL (1995 -)

KIT 128078: Source: Most of the data on the lines before William Mer(r)iwether HILL are taken from The Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia and Allied Families, by Lodowick Johnson Hill (1922, 1987). Please note that I do not take compiled genealogies at face value as a rule, but this one is exceptional. That’s not to say there are no errors, but It is very well documented and those bits I have had opportunity to verify do hold up. That being said, I have not had much opportunity to work on or verify the earliest generations.
Direct paternal lineage of Kit 128078:
Henry HILL of Nansemond Co., VA, birthplace unknown (b. 1660-5, d. 1719-1720), m. ca. 1697 to Mary — (d. after 1720).
Abraham HILL [Sr.] (ca. 1698-1760), of Chowan Co., NC, m. Oct. 1729 to Judith — (d. after 1760)
Abraham HILL [Jr.] (b. ca. 1732; d. 4 Feb 1792 in Wilkes Co., GA), of Chowan and Wake Cos., NC and Wilkes Co., GA.; m. 7 Jan 1756 to Christian WALTON (d. 6 Jul 1808).
Wylie HILL, b. 1775, Wake Co., NC; d. 1844, Wilkes Co. Ga; m. 29 Mar 1799 to Martha “Patsy” POPE (b. 18 Apr 1782, d. 25 Jul 1753).
Lodowick Meriwether HILL (1804-1883) of Wilkes Co., GA; m. 1st on 16 Dec 1824 to *Nancy Hill JOHNSON (11 Jul 1808-21 Oct 1846) (2nd cousins) (this marriage is my line). m. 2nd on 8 Jul 1847 to Martha Strother WELLBORN (b. 16 Mar 1816, d. 9 Dec 1884).
William Wylie HILL (son by his first marriage b. 31 Mar 1826, d. 1 Sep 1909), m. 27 Nov 1851 to Emma Eugenia ANTHONY (b. 25 Jul 1829, d. 20 Jan 1892), of Wilkes Co., GA.
William Mer(r)iwether HILL (b. 11 Jul 1856, d. 14 Mar 1943; Wilkes Co., GA); m. Susan Montgomery STOKES (1861-1934). They lived in Washington, Wilkes Co., GA.
Eugene DuBose HILL (1889-1982) (my grandmother’s brother).
Eugene’s son’s son provided the DNA sample.
*As indicated, I have another, intersecting, HILL line (but not the direct line of the yDNA submitted to the study, obviously): Abraham HILL, Sr. (ca. 1698-1760) (see above). their son Henry HILL (b. ca. 1730; d. 1804 in Wilkes Co., GA); m. Sarah COTTEN (d. 1812-1814; will filed in Wilkes Co., GA). their daughter Nancy HILL (b. ca. 1770, d. 1839 in Meriwether Co., GA while visiting brother) m. Col. William JOHNSON (b. 1755-1760; d. 1821), in Wilkes Co., GA. their daughter Nancy Hill JOHNSON m. Lodowick Meriwether HILL (*see above)
Contact: Juliann Hansen

KIT 324188:  Those in our Hill family interested in genealogy have always thought we were descended from Henry Hill & Sarah Cotton/Cotten but none have been able to prove anything beyond Theophilus Hill (my 3X GG, the son of Henry Hill & Sarah Walton). My brother’s DNA test results tell us that we are on the right track. With the help of The Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia and Allied Families book by Lodowick Johnson Hill (1922, 1987), we hope to sort out where our 4X GG Henry Hill & Sarah Walton fit in to the family tree. It is thought he is the son of Henry Hill & Sarah Cotton.
Likely paternal lineage for kit# 324188:
Henry Hill – b. 1660 or 1670 (Mary Pugh? )
Abraham Hill Sr. – (Judith ? )
Henry HILL (Sr) – b. 1730 d. 1804 (Sarah Cotten/Cotton)
Henry HILL (Jr) – b. 1750? d. 1804? (Sarah Walton)
Theophilus HILL – b. abt 1788 d. 1852 (Rebecca Gibson)
Collin Finell HILL – b. 1829 d. 1903 (Sarah Ann Hardin)
Frank Walter HILL b. 1859 d. 1917 (Frances Emeline Carver)
James William HILL – b. 1887 d. 1961 (Wycliffe Ethelyn Crabtree)
James Monte HILL Sr – b. 1932 d. 2009 (Glenda Loretta Benedict)
Clifford Matthew “Matt” HILL b. 1958 – living
Contact: Shannon Hill Lanning