Group 24

(Haplotype R1b)

Note that KIT 55872 (added on 4/15/06) shows a -3 and a -2 mismatch to the others. FTDNA has determined that this is actually a mismatch of only -2 (“probably related”…within the 25 Marker test. A 37 Marker testing would confirm the relation.

KIT 35828: JOSIAH LEWIS HILL, b. 8 May 1774, probably Litchfield Co. CT, d. 4 Sept. 1840, Knox Co. OH; married 21 Oct. 1795, VT or NY, Submit or Submittee Crosby, b. about 1776, d. about 1831, Coshocton Co. OH. Children: (1) Calvin Hill, b. 6 Oct. 1796, NY, d. 28 Feb. 1871, Miami Co. OH; m. 1st, 1818 Sarah Roberts, 2nd Phoebe Farquhar, (2) Hiram Hill, b. 8 Feb. 1798, NY, d. 11 Feb. 1867, Knox Co. OH; m. 1824 OH, Margaret Glaze, (3) Luther Hill, b. 30 Aug. 1800, Essex Co. NY, d. 22 June 1878, Miami Co. OH; m. 1829 Huldah Mariah Gibbs 1809-1874, (4) Lois Milton Hill, b. 15 Sept. 1802, NY, d. 15 Sept. 1876, Jackson Co. IN; m. 1830 OH, Alvin M. Critchfield, (5) Sally Hill, b. 11 Sept. 1804, NY, d. 7 June 1871, IL; married 3 times: Hutchinson, Clifton, and Dufield, (6) Charity Hill, b. 9 Sept 1806, NY, d. ? ; m. 1824 OH, Daniel Stevens, (7) Zula or Zola Hill, b. 7 Aug. 1808, NY, d. ? ; m. 1830 OH, William Critchfield, (8) Julia Hill b. 7 Aug. 1808, NY, d. ? , (9) Hulda Hill b. 6 Mar. 1811, NY or OH. LUTHER HILL (son of Josiah Lewis Hill), b. 30 Aug. 1800, Wilsborough, Essex Co. NY, d. 22 June 1878, Fletcher, Miami Co. OH; married 10 Mar. 1829, Knox Co. OH, Huldah Mariah Gibbs, b. 26 Feb. 1809, Lisle, Broome Co. NY, d. 29 Aug. 1874, Akron, Summit Co. OH. Children: (1) Philander Spance Hill, b. 27 Feb. 1830, Knox Co. OH, d. 9 Jan. 1836, Knox Co. OH, (2) Philo Woodruff Hill, b. 1 Feb. 1832, Knox Co. OH, d. 26 Jan. 1863, near Vicksburg, MS; m. 1855 IL, Fidelia Matthews, (3) Josiah Lewis Hill, b. 4 Dec. 1833, Knox Co. OH, d. 31 Mar. 1917, Montgomery Co. OH; m. 1876 Catherine Dinsmore, (4) Theda Ellen Hill, b. 30 Apr. 1836, Knox Co. OH, d. 3 Oct. 1854, IL, (5) Martin Luther Hill, b. 28 Aug. 1838, Knox Co. OH, d. 25 Dec. 1862, near Nashville, TN, (6) Enoch Gibbs Hill, b. 6 Oct. 1841, Knox Co. OH, d. 29 Aug. 1843, Knox Co. OH, (7) Huldah Maria Hill, b. 19 Aug. 1843, Knox Co. OH, d. 23 July 1892, Summit Co. OH; m. 1863 OH, William C. Jacobs, (8) Charity Emmaline Hill, b. 15 Aug. 1845, Knox Co. OH, d. 26 Sept. 1927, Summit Co. OH; m. 1882 Norman Strauss.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 35828:
Josiah Lewis Hill (1774 CT – 1840 OH)
Luther Hill (1800 NY – 1878 OH)
Josiah Lewis Hill (1833 OH – 1917 OH)
Josiah Warren Hill (1881 OH – 1964 OH)
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KIT 30931: JOSEPH REUBEN HILLS was born April 10, 1835 in Jefferson County, New York, and died January 26, 1899 in Storm Lake, IA. He married CHARITY JANE ECKLEY March 15, 1862 in Henry County, Illinois, daughter of JOHN ECKLEY and ABIGAIL HENDERSON. Children of JOSEPH HILLS and CHARITY ECKLEY are: (1) JOSEPH HILLS, d. Aitken MN, (2) VINE HILLS. (3) NELL HILLS, (4) GEORGE WILLIAM HILLS, b. June 19, 1871, Kewanee Ill.; d. 1944, Bird Island, Mn.
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KIT 55872: A known descendent of William Hills Jr b abt 1640 and died 1693 of Hartford Conn. Jacobus in Hale, House and Related Families of the Connecticut River Valley in his Hills chapter lists the ancestry and various records for children of a Daniel Hills wife Mabel (–) of Glastonbury, Conn. Their son Aaron, whose baptism and marriage show in the Eastbury church records along with various probate records, moved to Washington Co, NY in the early 1800’s. His older brother Nathan had settled at Hartford, Washington County NY by 1792. Aaron subsequently moved to Warren Co., NY and is presumed to be buried there. Some of his descendents moved to the midwest in the 1820’s and 1830’s with Jimmie’s line, later migrating down the Mississippi into the South in the 1850’s or so. Members of this group can be found in both Georgia and Alabama today. Much of the family and their migration are verified through census, county history and other public records along with various family and cemetery records. Jimmie’s dna test is designed to provide a baseline of data from a verified known descendent of William Hills Sr of Hartford, Conn.
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KIT 58414: A descendent of Lewis Samuel Hills (Lewis6, Samuel5, John4, John3, Joseph2, William1) #1035 in the published 1906 genealogy The Hills Family In America. William1 was the 1632 emigrant to Roxbury, Mass and later one of the founders of Hartford, Conn. Joseph2 is a half brother to William Hills Jr and John Hills. There have been dna tests for presumed descendents of William Hills Jr and brother John Hills. This test provides additional baseline information to confirm or not confirm a common ancestor and to assist future researchers.
Participant is not named.
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KIT 61272: Joshua Daniel Hills (b. 5/10/1824 NY; d. 10/3/1863: Greenbush, WI) m. (c1847 WI) Dorcas Amelia Hall (bc1832: NY; d6/23/1902 Eagle Bend, MN The family is listed as farmers in 1850 &1860 federal census records of Plymouth & Greenbush, WI, respectively. They are listed as “Hill” in the 1860 census, with two other “Hill” families as neighbors: Dan & Eliza, and Lyman & Minerva. All but Minerva are listed as having been born in NY; Minerva’s birth place is identified as PA.
Direct Paternal Lineage of Participant 61272:
Joshua Daniel Hills (b. 5/10/1824 NY; d. 10/3/1863: Greenbush, WI)
James Daniel Hills (b. 12/29/1847: WI; d. 6/29/1909: Summit, SD)
Edward Joshua Hills (b. 1/26/1870: Sheboygan, WI; d. 11/22/1935: Ortonville, MN)
Carroll John Hills (b. 3/9/1898: Summit, SD; 9/17/1945: Chamberlain, SD)
(–?–) Hills
Scott Hills
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KIT 88612: Information not yet provided by participant

KIT 111975: A descendant of William Hills (c1640 Hartford CT), through his son Joseph Hills and Joseph’s second wife. Joseph’s son Benoni had Capt John Hills who served in the American Revolution along with his brother Colonel Medad Hills. Both men were gunsmiths.
Contact: John Hills

KIT 155227: William Austin HILL/S, b. 24 Apr 1811, possibly Worcester, MA; d. 16 Oct 1864, Sandusky, OH; m. Orilla Gray FALLEY, 16 Sep 1831, Margaretta, Huron, OH. Children:
Homer Hubbard HILL, b. 6 Jun 1832, Margaretta, Huron, OH, d. 30 Jun 1894, Almena, MI, Joseph Henry HILL, b. abt 1833, Margaretta, OH. William Henry HILL, b. 28 Apr 1835, Venice, OH, d. 14 Aug 1902, Collins, Huron, OH. m. Lucinda Lorraine KINNEY, 22 Nov 1835, Norwalk, OH. Children:
Emaline Orrilla HILL, 1837-1872; Joseph Albert HILL, 1838-1920; William A. HILL, 1840-1899;Stephen Kinney HILL, 1842-1864; Thomas Morris HILL, 1844-1895; Benjamin Franklin HILL, 1845-1865; Gilbert Warren HILL, 1847-1921; Lorania M. HILL, 1849; Horace D. HILL, 1851-; Charles S. Hill, 1856; John M. Rhinehart HILL, 1862-bet 1916 & 1920.
Direct paternal lineage:
William Austin HILL/S, b. 24 Apr 1811
Homer Hubbard HILL, 1832 OH-1894 MI;
Joseph Angus HILL, 1863 OH-1944 AZ;
Joseph Alanson HILL, 1914 AZ-1999 AZ.
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KIT 165230: Our ancestry at this point, would be as follows: Joseph Coxwell, Sr. b. 1891 GA. Parents: mother- Ila Ione Pearson/Coxwell b. 1872 GA?, (later married John Coxwell NOT the birth father of Joseph). father-unknown (possibly Hill?). Ila Ione Pearson’s mother was Elizabeth Pearson b. abt. 1841 GA?
My husband’s great-grandmother, Ila Ione Pearson was first found on the 1880 Coffee County, Georgia census as a little girl living with her widowed mother (Elizabeth Pearson) and 2 little sisters (Georgia and Angel). By 1891, she had a child, then another one 2 years later. The first child was my husband’s grandfather, Joseph Coxwell, Sr., the next was Joseph’s brother, E.J..(Elza). Ila married John Coxwell in 1893 and raised several more children, later settling in Florida. When Joseph and E.J. were much older, Ila told them that John Coxwell was not their birth father. I am the family genealogist so I was off hunting when I learned this fact. That’s when I found the 1900 census of Coffee County, GA that proved that John Coxwell had married Ila in 1993…pretty much proving what Ila had told her boys about their birth-father. We have never been able to find out who the birth father was. Now that DNA tests have become so accessible for genealogical purposes, we decided to have Joseph, Jr. tested. That brings us up to today and the match with the Daniel Hills/Mike Hills/Donohue family. I’ve been in touch with Mike Hills/Donohue and he told me that George, his grandfather, after a bad experience in high school in Iowa, went to “the deep South” for several years. George was only a year older than our Ila at the time. His trip to the “Deep South” is right around the timeframe that Ila became pregnant with Joseph Sr. and later E.J.. We’re still trying to iron all of this out. Because Ila was in Coffee County, GA, I looked at the records there….I find several Hill/Hills there, but Mike’s branch doesn’t seem to know if any of their people ever lived there. I wondered if there were some cousins or other connections of George’s there. Just thinking and wondering if George might have stayed with family in “the deep South”….if in fact, he turns out to be our man.
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KIT 226602 (*Father)/KIT 232248 (Son)/KIT 275373 (Son): *As you have may have noted my sirname is Wolverton not Hill. Both names in history have simple variations of (Woolverton and Hills). I’m very closely matched with Kit #155227: Latest know ancestor, William Austin Hill/s, matching 65 of 67 DNA markers of his descendent. According to the Y-DNA TiP Report we should have the same common ancestor about 8-12 generations (defined as every 25 years) ago with an 83 – 97% probability. The possibilities include a simple paperwork mistake to adoption or maybe something more intriguing. All of which have the makings of a great movie.  My ancestry is traceable/documented to Charles Woolverton – 1660. Their locations included NJ, Bath, Steuben, New York to Evergreen, Montcalm, Michigan.
Direct paternal lineage of Participant  226602:
Grandpa Hills????? b. TBD
Charles Woolverton b. 1660; — d. 1746; Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Roger Woolverton b. 1700; — d. 1747; Mt Carmel, Burlington, NJ
Roger Wolverton b. 1747; — d. 1778; Hopewell Twp., Mercer Co., NJ
Samuel U Woolverton b abt 1771; — d.1848 Hunterdon NJ
John Woolverton b. 1807, NY – d. 1885, MI
Van Rennsalor Wall Woolverton b. 1829, NY – d. 1896, MI
Charles Wolverton b. 1869, MI – d. 1942, MI
Frank Wolverton b. 1891, MI – d. 1967, MI
Bruce Wolverton b. 1934, MI – d. 2011,
Contact Information:

KIT 268415: Contact: Dave Hill,

KIT 289746: Ralph Hill(s) 1808-1888.
Ralph Hills was born July 28, 1808 in Vermont, exactly where is unknown. He next appears in documents in Hallowell, Prince Edward County, Ontario. It is not known what year he came to Canada but a family story suggests he may have been sent to Canada as a boy by a step-father. In 1834 he married Mary Bowerman in Whitby, Ontario. Mary was a descendant of Thomas Bowerman (1625-1663) from Barnstable, MA. Mary’s family were Quakers who came from Dutchess County, New York to Prince Edward County, Ontario about 1789 as United Empire Loyalist under a land grant given to her uncle, Thomas Bowerman IV. Her parents were Israel Judah Bowerman and Anne Terwilliger. Witnesses at the marriage of Ralph and Mary were Joseph and Phoebe Rogers and Stephen Palmer. Phoebe was Mary’s older sister and her husband Joseph Lockwood Rogers, son of Gilbert Rogers (1771-1817) and Nancy Lockwood, also from New York, was descended from William Rogers (1612-1669) and Ann Sherman who immigrated from Warwickshire, England to Queens County, New York. No other information is known about Stephen Palmer. However, our DNA shows numerous connections to Palmer and Allen families in Vermont, who may also have moved to Ontario. In 1834, Ralph is listed as an original settler in a land grant given to Mary’s father and her brother, Joseph Bowerman, to settle in Nottawasaga, Simcoe County, Ontario. There they had 6 children: Phoebe, Willard Ensign (my great grandfather), Sarah Ellen, Israel Judah, Joseph Bely, and Anna Amy. Traditionally, children were named after members of both families. Phoebe would be named for Mary’s sister, Israel Judah for Mary’s father and Joseph for Mary’s brother. Anna and Sarah were very common names so could have come from either side of the family. Joseph’s middle name “Bely” is more unusual. In the DNA line of William Hills b. 1646 of Hartford, CT. I have found a Dr. James Harvey Hills who married Beulah Buly (Bely?) Andrews. They had 2 sons named Ralph (one died in infancy) in about 1810. This coincides with the era of my gg grandfather Ralph. My great grandfather’s name, Willard Ensign Hills, may also be a clue to Ralph. In Vermont in that time period were numerous Willard families, although I have not yet found a direct connection. I have found a Lucy Ensign who married Asa Hill b. 1737 in MA. They had a son Col. Ensign Hill who moved to Onondaga, New York. The name Ensign has remained in my family for several generations. Willard named one son Richard Ensign. My grandfather, Rice Hill, Richard’s brother, named his eldest son Ernest Ensign. Rice Clement Hill was named after his grandfather’s brother, Rice Honeywell, from New York, and his grandfather, Clement Neff born in CT, moved to Vermont with his parents and then on to Ontario where he married Mary Honeywell, daughter of Isaiah Honeywell, son of David Honeywell and Rebecca Rice. I have most recently looked for Ralph’s parents in Chittenden County, Vermont. I have found records for a John Hills, b. 1785 who married a Zuby (Azubah?) Hills in 1805. He died in 1814 leaving a wife and 3 children under the age of 10, 2 sons and 1 daughter. This John Hills was a descendant of William Hills of Hartford, CT. whose line is a DNA match. This would also fit with the story of Ralph being sent to Canada as a boy by his step father as it is likely his mother would have remarried. This family is also connected to Palmer and Allen families in Vermont.
Ralph Hills died 9 April 1888 most likely in Nottawasaga, Ontario, however, I have not been able to locate a death certificate. In July 1888 Ralph’s 2 surviving children, Israel Judah and Anna Amy, moved to Michigan. I do not know why they moved to Michigan but they may have had other relatives there. I am hoping someone in the Hill project will recognize some of the other surnames or places in Vermont or family branches who moved to Canada after the Revolutionary War, which may provide more clues to my great great grandfather.
Contact: Bonnie Hill MacDermott,

KIT 397219: Ensign J. Hill(s) b. 1810 VT d. 1884 MI
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KIT 408738: Information not yet provided by participant

KIT 522539: Information not yet provided by participant

KIT 633507: Information not yet provided by participant