Group 25

(Haplotype R1b)

None yet provided by the Group, but both Kits 19679 and 40168 are related to 30385, but are not related to each other. This is an odd situation that should be presented to the FTDNA for analysis.

KIT 30385 & 19679: THOMAS HILL, b 29Dec1747 at No Kingston RI, d 6June1834 and buried at Hartford NY, m/c 1773 to Susanna COOK, b/c1755, d 13June1848 Hartford NY, d/o Peter COOK and Mercy WANTON. Known children of Thomas HILL and Susanna COOK were: (1) Henry b/c 1765, (2) Alice b/c 1774 d 15Apr1807 and buried at Hartford NY, m Laban BUMP, (3) Jesse b/c 1774, (4) Marcy b/c 1777, d 23Nov1825 and buried at Hartford NY, m Wanton BUMP, (5) Jonathan b/c 1778, d/c 1860, m Roxanna WARNER, (6) Elizabeth b/c 1781 m Frederick TYLER, (7) Charles b/c 1783, (8) Daniel b/c 1785, (9) Thomas C. b/c 1787, (10) Susanna b/c 1792, m Boudridge WARNER, (11) Allen T. b/c 1797, d?, m (1) Diana Unknown, M (2) Minerva SPRAIG 26Aug1841, b/c1812, d 16Apr1871.
Direct Paternal lineage of DNA participant 30385:
Thomas HILL (29Dec1747 – 6Jun1834)
Allen T. HILL (c1797 – before 1871)
Thomas M. HILL (c1844 – btw1870/76)
Loomis Lot HILL (11Jan1870 – 5May1926)
Harvey Robert HILL (b31Dec1898 – 1964,)
Edsel V. HILL (29Dec1921 – )
Richard D. HILL (1959 – )
Contact: Richard D. Hill,

Direct Paternal lineage of DNA participant 19679:
Jonathan HILL (c1778-c1860)
Laben HILL (b1809 – ????)
William Daniel HILL (b1849 – ????)
Warren G. HILL (b1882 – ????)
Joseph W. HILL, Sr.
Contact: Joseph W. Hill,

KIT 40168: Alvah Hill has been listed as (1) born in Vermont or New York. His birth has been listed as 1810, but has also been found listed as 1813 and 1814. He has also been listed as Henry A. Hill. We do know he married Julia Merrill and had the following children: Charles H. c 1833, James c 1835, William A. 1838, Caroline c. 1840, John c 1847, and Emmaline, c 1849. He and Julia owned land in Monroe Co., NY, but moved to Fulton Co., NY by 1840. Julia died by 1851 or 1852, as as Alvah is found living in Joliet, Illinois with his second wife, Margaret Banta Hill, William 23, Caroline , Emma, and Frances, age 6 yrs.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA Participant 40168
William A. Hill, b. April 13, 1838, Scottsville, NY, died May 4, 1916, New Lenox, IL
Walter Hamilton Hill, b. Sep. 5, 1884, died April 12, 1961, Albuquerque, NM
William Alvah Hill, b. Feb. 22, 1915, Peoria, IL, died Feb. 27, 1996, Buhl, Idaho
William Alvah Hill, b. Oct. 7, 1937, Peoria, IL
Contact: William Hill,

KIT 186592: Information not yet provided by Participant

KIT 191042: Information not yet provided by Participant

KIT 238363: Information not yet provided by Participant

KIT 286302: Information not yet provided by Participant

KIT 313521: Information not yet provided by Participant