Group 27

(Haplotype I1)

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KIT 45613: Direct paternal lineage of DNA Participant 45613:
James Hill, Sr. 1763 PA-1862 Hardin Co.OH (m.Sarah Tidd 1774-1851)
Martin Hill 1805-1861 (m.Nancy Ann Neal 1805-1861)
Henry N. Hill 1831-1875 (m.Martha Ann Marsh 1832-1905)
George Martin Hill 1854-1884 (m.Olive Jane Reynolds 1855-1928)
Charles Martin Hill, Sr. 1882-1954 (m.Mae Ola Conner 1887-1942)
Raymond Leslie Hill 1918-1973 (m.Marilyn June Hay)
Leslie Ray Hill (m.Audrey Ann Fromke)
Aaron Jonathan Hill
Contact: Aaron Jonathan Hill,

Participant 45613 (above) was sponsored by Barbara Manning.
Her lineage as a descendant of the same James Hill is listed below.
Barbara one of the main researchers of this line.
James Hill, Sr. 1763-1862– Sarah Tidd 1774-1851
Martin Hill 1805-1861– Nancy Ann NLN 1805-1861
Henry N. Hill 1831-1875– Martha Ann Marsh 1832-1905
George Milton Baird 1869-1928 –Rosa Rachel Hill 1870-1935
Martha Olive Baird b. 1916 –Franklin (Frank E. ) Walker 1911-1981
Barbara J. Walker -b. 1940–Living Manning
Contact: Barbara Manning

KIT N54759: Direct paternal lineage of DNA Participant N54759:
Jacob A. Hill, b 1846, Ohio (Jacob had an older brother, Arnold, b1832)
Gloyd Hill, b 1883, Indiana (Ohio?)
James Gloyd Hill, b 1908, South Bend, IN
James Lee Hill, b 1933; South Bend, IN
Contact: Craig A. Hill, PhD

KIT 4905: Joseph Hill b/? d/? m/Eunice Hull.  Children (1) John Hill b/23 APR 1783 New York, d/14 NOV 1838 Linden, Montgomery County, IN, (2) Benjamin Hill b/? d/? .  Joseph also is possibly the father of Joseph Hill born 1782 NC (Kit 74401 who is a 67 of 67 match with me)
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 4905:
John Hill b/23 APR/1783 in NY, d/14 NOV 1838 Linden, Indiana m/Mary Crone. John had 10 brothers and sisters.
Owen Hill b/31 May 1822 Marietta, OH d/11 FEB 1912 Boone County Indiana m/Deborah Jones
John Calvin Hill b/29 AUG 1861 Battleground IN, d/14 MAR 1939 Falfa, CO m/Margaret Ellen Wimberly
Benjamin Wimberly Hill b/9 FEB 1903 Hazel Rig Indiana, d/23 FEB 1958 Durango CO m/Leatha Elmore
Ruel Richard Hill b/ 28 MAY 1930 Durango CO, d/26 DEC 2009 Yuma AZ m/Glenna Taylor
Kenneth Hill (living)
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KIT 74401: Direct paternal lineage of Participant 74401:
Joseph Hill, b. 1782 in NC; d.c. 1858; married Mary Warren, b. 1794 in GA
Josiah Warren Hill, b. 1812/1813 in Wilkinson County, GA; d. 1864 in Worth County, GA; married Arminda Potts, b. 1822 in Wilkinson County, GA
Josiah Sapp Hill, b. 1856 in Wilkinson County, GA; d.c. 1933 in Worth County, GA; married Emma G. Kearce, b. 1860 in GA
George Warren Hill, b. 1888 in Worth County, GA; d. 1957 in Kinard, FL; married Mary (Mollie) Druscilla Ford
Willie Warren Hill, b. 1906 in Doles, GA; d. 1973 in Panama City, FL; married Carrie Clements b. 1908 in Orange, Florida
Lution Buford Hill, b. 1934 in Kinard, Calhoun County, Florida; m. Shirley Ann Murray, b. 1936 in Panama City, Bay County, FL
Lution Buford Hill, Jr. b. 1956 in Gainesville, Alachua County, FL; m. Emily Ann Stiles, b. 1960 in Eagle Lake, Colorado County, TX

KIT 42713: William H. Hill b abt 1846 in Alabama, died unknown, Madison County, Alabama. Married Sarah E. Jones. Four children, Robert M. Hill, b May 1870, Rice H. Hill, b May 1870, Rachel L. Hill b abt 1873, Alva D Hill, b 01 Jan 1875.
Direct paternal lineage of Participant 42713:
William H. Hill of Madison County, Alabama, b abt 1846, died unknown
Alva D (Dee) Hill, b 01 Jan 1875, Madison County Alabama, married Bertha Viola Thomas abt 1909 in Texas
James J. Hill, b 1923, died 1992, married Norma J. Lewis abt 1946 in Texas

KIT 58564: No information provided by participant.

KIT N58410:
Direct paternal lineage of Participant N58410:
William (Riley?) Johnson b 1781 South Carolina d 1858 Georgia, m. Judah Morris or Judith Cliatt b 1797 South Carolina d 1870 Georgia.
Joseph Thomas Johnson b 1833 Georgia d 1864 Virginia (Civil War – KIA), m. Drucilla Kile b 1832 Georgia d 1903 Georgia
John Lawrence Johnson b 1855 Georgia d 1895-99 Georgia, m. Louisa Nash Munday b unk d unk
James Ovelton Johnson b 1881 Georiga d 1965 Georgia, m. Esther Elizabeth Lathem b 1883 Georgia d 1934 Georgia
James Ovelton Johnson, Jr b 1923, Georgia d 1980 Alabama, m. Pauline Hal b 1924, Georgia d 1997 Alabama
George L Johnson b 1956 Alabama
Contact: George JL. ohnson:

KIT B1423:
Direct paternal lineage of Participant B1423:
Samuel  Earl (or Hamilton) Hill, b. Jan 1881 in TX  m. Eula M Dooley  d. Aug 1928 in Rush Springs, OK
Jack Donald Hill, b. Feb 1917 in Weatherford, OK  m.  Lena B Trader  d. Jul 1946 in Clinton, OK
Jack Donald Hill, Jr., b. Dec 1943 in Augusta, GA

KIT 167864:
Direct paternal lineage of Participant 167864:
Samuel Moses Hill m.Mary Elizabeth Hambrick Lincoln Co. TN
Drury Isaac Hill “Drew” b Dec 24 1871 TN d.Mar 7, 1969 Cross Plains TX m. Rebecca Chilcoat b Dec 20 1874 d. Dec 29, 1966 Cross Plains Texas
Hillard D Hill, Sr b May17, 1902 TX. d Oct 30 1979 m. Lela PaulineRoch b.Feb 7 1903 d. Feb 16,2002 date Oct 15 1922 Both buried Cross Plains Memorial Park Callahan Co TX.
Douglas Isaac Hill b May 13,1926 Callahan Co, TX. d. Nov 12, 2014 Lubbock, TX.
Melvin Douglas Hill b Feb 26 1950 Hockley Co TX.
Travis Brent Hill b. Sept 27, 1982 Ector Co TX.
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