Group 28a

(Haplotype J-M172)
This lineage originated in the northern portion of the Fertile Crescent where it later spread throughout central Asia, the Mediterranean, and south into India. As with other populations with Mediterranean ancestry this lineage is found within Jewish populations.

This lineage originated in the northern portion of the Fertile Crescent where it later spread throughout central Asia, the Mediterranean, and south into India. As with other populations with Mediterranean ancestry this lineage is found within Jewish populations.

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Among the members of Group 28a and 28b, here is an unusually wide range of relationship among THREE of these participants.
-At the 37 Marker level, KIT 23395 and KIT 201564 are -2 related to each other (RELATED)
-At the 37 Marker level, KIT 23395 and KIT 201564 are -4 to 219085 (ONLY PROBABLY RELATED)
-KIT 219085 is related much closer to all others in Group 28.
-Group 28a and 28b have been formed.
-KITs 23395 and 201564 have been moved to Group 28b, and noted as some relation to Group 28a.

KIT 14533: WILLIAM HILL, Sr. b/c1758 Prince Edward Co, VA, d/1841 Prince Edward Co, VA, m/3 May 1834 Prince Edward Co, VA to Susan Jordan LEWIS (Probably William’s 2nd wife…name of first wife unknown), b/c1795 Prince Edward Co, VA, d/c1847. Only one verified child: Reuben G. Hill, b/c1780 in Prince Edward Co, VA, d/1842 Giles Co, VA, m/8 Feb 1810 Monroe Co. VA (now West Virginia) to Mary “Polly” LEWIS – b/1781 Monroe Co, VA, d/c 1855 in Giles Co, VA, m/8. Children: (1) Martha C. Hill, b/1810, (2) Permelia Pryor Hill, b/1813 Monroe Co, VA, d/ Livingston Co, MO m/David W. Muncy, b/1814 Wythe Co, VA; d/ 1857, (3) James W. Hill, b/1815 Giles Co, VA; d/ 1892 Dickenson Co, VA m/Lavinia W. Hearn, b/ 1821 Wythe Co, VA; m/ 1839 Wythe Co, VA d/ 1880 Wise Co, VA, (4) Nancy C. Hill, b/1820.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 14533:
William HILL, Sr. (c1758 VA – 1841 VA)
Reuben G. HILL (1781 VA – c1855 VA)
James W. HILL (1815 VA – 1892 VA)
Jefferson Davis HILL (1862 VA – 1916 KY)
Robert Foster HILL (1891 KY – 1955 VA)
Edward George HILL (1912 KY – 1975 KY)
James E. L. HILL (living)
Contact: Logan Hill –

KIT 49380: Samuel Hill, Born 1775 in Hanover County VA. Moved from VA to Sumner Co Tennessee around 1808, thence to Kentucky about 1809 and from there to Illinois in 1819 where he remained until his death, sometime after 1850. He is in the federal census from 1820 till 1850, living in White Co Illinois. In the 1850 census he would have been 75 years of age. It is assumed that he died sometime between the 1850 census and the 1860, when he did not appear in the latter. There are records of land purchases in both Kentucky and Illinois.
Wife of Samuel Hill: There is no information. She perhaps died in Kentucky after her youngest child was born in 1809. He did marry a second time after moving to Illinois. No children There is a note somewhere that says he came to Illinois as a widower. Children: Lucy Ann Hill 1800-1850 born Virginia Married James Gossett in Ill, Austin Hill 1803-1874 born Virginia Married Sarah Porter in Ill, Evalina Jane Hill- 1805 born Virginia Married Sidney Mc Nutt in Ill, John Hill-1807 born in Virginia married Margaret Joiner in 1827, Samuel Hill , Jr. 1809 married to Winnie Deboard (born 1810) in Illinois, as documented in Illinois Marriage records.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 49380:
Samuel Hill, Sr. born 1775
Samuel Hill, Jr. born 1809
William Anderson Hill born 1846
John Samuel Hill born 1875
Onan Adrian Hill born 1921
Contact: Onan Adrian Hill: , or Jeanie Kvach:

KIT 146171:
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 146171:
James Hill b: 1740 – VA d:1831 Amherst VA. m: Anne Overton
Samuel Hill b: 1782 – VA d: 1838 KY m: Rebecca Bolling
James A. Hill b: 1825 – KY d: 1901 KS m: Mary Ann Bostic
James Riley Hill b: 1866 – KS d: 1947 KS m:(#2) Adeline (Bonfils) Edwards
James Riley Hill Jr. b: 1922 – KS d: living m: Katherine Louise Hensley
James Riley Hill III b: 1951 – KS d: living m: Rita Jane Tilman
Joshua Richard Hill b: 1977 – CO. d: living m: Melanie Manual
Contact: Joshua Hill

KIT 154509:
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 154509
Samuel Hill, Sr. (1775 in Hanover, VA- bef. 1860 in White Co. ILL) m Unknown
Austin Hill (1803 Hanover, VA- 1874 Ill)
William Jefferson Hill (1822 Ill- 1860 Ill)
Whitfield Hill (1848 Ill- 1931 Ill)
Charles Elmo Hill (1893 Ill- 1952 Ill)
Billy Worth Hill (1923 Ill- 1984 KY)
Billy Albert Hill (1947 ILL, living)
Contact: Jeanie Kvach:

KIT 161061: James Hill was born about 1741 in Virginia and died in 1831 in Amherst County, VA. His birth date is derived from an obituary published in the Lynchburg Virginian on February 14, 1831 (died on Feb. 2 at his residence in Amherst in his 90th year, a soldier in the Revolution). He married Anne Overton. An early record of James Hill in Amherst County is a 1776 Court Order appointing him as overseer of the Harris Creek Road. Following Revolutionary War Service, he purchased 268 acres of land in 1780 along the headwaters of Rutledge Creek. James Hill’s will and codicil were read and presented in Amherst in June 1831. Known children:
1. John, b/c1773; m/1793 Amherst, VA to Jane Watts; d/1806 Amherst, VA. 2. Elizabeth, b/c 1774; m/1793 Amherst, VA to Thomas Anderson; d/ before 1833.3. Nancy, b/1776 Amherst Co., VA; m1/1797 Amherst, VA to Robert Robinson, m2/1807 Amherst, VA to Archalaus Crews; d/1851 Monroe, VA.4. Mary, b/c1778 Amherst, VA; m/1802 Amherst, VA to William Watts; d/aft 1850 Amherst, VA.5. James, b/1779 Amherst, VA; m/1801 Amherst, VA to Elizabeth Lively; d/1842 Monroe, VA. 6. Susanna, b/c 1781 Amherst,; m/1799 Amherst, VA to James Norvell; d/1852 Jessamine, KY.7. Tabitha, b/1781 Amherst, VA; m/1801 Amherst, VA to Ambrose Plunkett; d/1824 Campbell, VA. 8. Samuel, b/1782 Amherst, VA; m/1806 Amherst, VA to Rebecca Bowling; d/1838 Lincoln, KY.9. Sarah (Sally,) b/1785 Amherst, VA; m/1806 Amherst, VA to Richard Garrett; d/1818 Davidson, TN.10. Permelia, b/1786 Amherst, VA; m/1802 Amherst, VA to John Bobbitt; d/1861 Greenbrier, VA. 11. Frances B., b/c 1788 Amherst, VA; m/1806 Amherst, VA to Archelaus Cox; d/? 12. Lucy Overton, b/ 1790 Amherst, VA; m/1813 Amherst, VA to William Garvin; d/1870 Jackson, OH.13. Thomas Delaware, b/c1790 Amherst, VA; m/1818 Susannah Brown Roberts in Nelson, VA; d/1831-1832 Amherst, VA.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 161061:
James Hill b: ca 1741 – VA d: 1831 Amherst VA. m: Anne Overton
Thomas Delaware Hill b: 1790 – VA d: 1832 VA m: Susannah Roberts
William Roberts Hill b: 1830 – VA d: 1894 VA m:(#2) Joanna Higginbotham
Joseph Roberts Hill b: 1871 – VA d: 1946 VA m: Margaret Elizabeth Knight
William Knight Hill b: 1900 – VA d: 1963 VA m: Estelle Burford
William Tinsley Hill b: 1938 – VA d: still living m:(#2) Kathryn Witt
David Knight Hill b: 1990 – VA d: still living
Contact: Lisa Hill or Carl Leonard

KIT 170224: Captain John Hill b/ca 1744 d:/1801 in Amherst County, VA. The first record of John Hill in Amherst County is for an impressed property claim of 16 October 1780. There is no record of his ever owning land in Amherst County. He rented land from Colonel Edward Carter’s estate (Albemarle County) in the northern part of Amherst County in the same area where his children and their spouses lived. He is listed on the tax lists of 1783, 1785 and 1800 and the first census of 1790. Since the tax list of 1783 and census of 1790 show him with eleven blacks and the 1800 tax lists 4 blacks, John Hill must have rented a fairly large estate. He was recommended as Captain of the County Militia by the Amherst County June Court of 1780 and qualified as Captain in the September Court of that year. His resignation from the County Militia was noted in Court action of 2 June 1783. He named a son Taliaferro and two of his grandsons were named John Taliaferro, so it is probable that John Hill’s wife’s maiden name was Taliaferro (this is pronounced Tolliver or Toliver and those spelling are often used in records). The only known marriage of a John Hill to a Tolliver is recorded in a baptism in the Dover Church of Goochland County, Virginia where John Hill and Peggie Tolliver had a daughter named Betty baptized 22 February 1770. The grandson of John Hill, John Taliaferro Hill (Taliaferro Hill’s son), stated that he was named for a great uncle John Taliaferro of Caroline County, Virginia. John Hill died in Amherst County about September of 1801 per administration bonds posted 21 September 1801. Two of his children, Elizabeth and Susannah, had guardians appointed indicating they were still minors. The known children of John Hill all married in Amherst county, Va. They were: Ann Hill m/Reuben Banks on 4 Nov 1783; Mary Hill m/Mark Lively on 30 Nov 1791; Taliaferro Hill m/Nancy Woodruff on 20 Dec 1797; John Hill, Jr. m/Genny Watts on 30 Nov 1793; Washington Hill m/Sally Higginbotham on 20 Jul 1803; Susannah Hill m/Joseph Swanson on 19 Sep 1806.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 170224:
-John Hill d/1801 in Amherst Co. Va. m/(a Taliaferro)
-Washington Hill b/1781 Va d/1853 Monroe Co., MI; m/Sally Higginbotham dau. of Aaron Higginbotham and Nancy Crostox
-John Taliaferro Hill b/1806 Amherst Co., Va. d/1881 Caldwell Co., MI m1/Caroline Stump Brumfield m/2Amelia Camplin
-Luther Boone Hill b/1877 Far West, MO d/1943; m/Lena Pearl McCord 20 June 1914
-Thomas Brumfield Hill, b. 18 March 1920 Chicago, IL m. Josephine Sill Hill 28 August 1943
-Tom Hill (living)
Contact: JB Hill:

KIT 176857: Thomas Hill (d: 1789 in Amherst Co., Va) m/Elizabeth Fulcher on 25 Nov 1775 in Dover Parish Goochland Co., Va. Their children were: (1) Pleasant Hill (b/Abt. 1776 Va.) m/Sally Rippetoe (b/Abt. 1775 Va.) on 18 Mar 1797 (2) Dabney Hill (b/1780 Va – d/1855 in Amherst Co., Va.) m/Elizabeth Tucker (b/Abt. 1782 Va.- d/1850 Amherst Co., Va.) on 26 Aug 1800. Elizabeth Tucker was the daughter of Mary and Charles Tucker. (3) Francis Hill (b/1782 Va.- d/1865 Giles, Tenn.) m/Jesse Mays (b/1781 – 1856 Giles Tenn.) on 23 Dec 1800 (4) Samuel Hill(b/Abt. 1789 Amherst Co., Va.- d/Bef 1817Amherst Co., Va.) m/Polly Moore (b/Bet. 1790–1793 Amherst Co., Va).
Direct Paternal lineage of Participant 176857:
1- Thomas Hill (d/1789 Amherst Co, Va) m. Elizabeth Fulcher on 25 Non 1755
2 – Dabney Hill (b/1780 Va – d/1855 in Amherst Co., Va.) m/Elizabeth Tucker on 26 Aug 1800.
3 – Thomas Given Hill m/Mary Francis Tucker
4 – Wyatt Tucker Hill m/Margaret Hill
5 – Harry Hargrove Hill
6 – Wyatt Tucker Hill
7 – Living Hill
Contact: Jo Dobbins:

Kit #219085: I. Y. Hill of Amherst County, Va. (b: bef 1745) m/Sarah Judith Bailey. She was the daughter of Samuel Bailey and Augusta Parks Bailey. Together they had two sons Samuel C. Hill and William Hill. Both sons fought at the Battle of Guilford County Courthouse in 1781. This means that they were at least 16 years old and were thus born before 1765. Backing off 21 years from 1761, gives an estimated birth date of before 1745 for I.Y. Hill. Some people think that I.Y. Hill may be the son of Isaac Hill who married Margaret Jennings. Of interest is that (3) Judith Parks Hill married her 1st cousin (3) John Waddy Hill. A must read for anyone researching this family is Judith Parks America Hill’s A History of Henry County.
(2) Samuel C. Hill (b: bef 1765) m/Lucy Mitchell
(3) Judith Parks Hill (b: 1789) m/John Waddy Hill
(4) William Wirt Hill (b: 1822) m/Mary Catherine Bassett (b:1822) in 1840
(5) Samuel Robert Hill (b: 1859) m/Loula Cratghead in 1885
(6) Thomas Lodowick Hill (b: 1894) m/Stella Elizabeth Brandt in 1915 (7) Living Hill (b: 1924 )(7) Living Hill (b. 1926 Polk Co. Florida)
(2) William Hill (b: bef 1765) m/Elizabeth Saunders
(3) John Waddy Hill (b: ca 1790) m/Judith Parks Hill
(4) William Wirt Hill (b: 1822) m/Mary Catherine Bassett (b:1822) in 1840
(5) Samuel Robert Hill (b: 1859) m/Loula Cratghead in 1885
(6) Thomas Lodowick Hill (b: 1894) m/Stella Elizabeth Brandt in 1915
(7) Living Hill (b: 1924 )
(7) Living Hill (b. 1926 Polk Co. Florida)
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KIT # 290634: Samuel Hill (c1757-1818) Cpl. 3rd Va Reg. Cont. Line (1776-1778) m. Nancy Tate (c1773-c1811) both of Louisa County VA, dau. of Uriah Tate & Elizabeth Graves 25 Dec 1788. The 1818 Louisa will listed heirs 1.Susan (c1800-) m 14 Oct 1816 in Louisa Anderson Sims ,(of Caburus, NC) 2. Lancelot (c1804-c1870) m 14 nov 1831 in Louisa Martha Jane Isbell dau of Robert T Isbell & Martha Hope 3. Maria (c1805-) 4. Eliza. C (c1806-) 5. Agnes Ann (c1808-) m. 6 Oct 1831 in Louisa Benjamin Ogg. Susan & Anderson Sims given custody Agnes. In 1819 court case Wm Crawford is guardian of Lancelot,Maria & Elizabeth. Lancelot W. Hill fathered 1. William T. (1833-1866) 2. Martha E. (1837-1876) 3.Sarah A. (1841-) 4. Robert David (1843-1922) 5.James G. (1845-) 6. John Wesley (1848-) 7. Abner F. (1850-) 8. Patrick (1853-) 9. Alexander Goss (1856-1930) m Rosa Ella Terry 10 Hiram F (1863-) Alexander Goss had 3 children 1. Gladys Marie (1903-) 2. Ashby Goss(1906-1991) m Christine May Johnson and had one child Ashby Wayne Hill (1946 in Richmond-living) 3 Welby S (1909-1933 single) In 1734 James Hill of St Peter’s New Kent bought 200A in Louisa (then Hanover) then deeded the land to John Hill & Tabitha Bailey, which they sold in 1748, bought (1748) & sold(1754) a tavern in Louisa on the Goochland line, and on 22 May 1757 had a son Samuel:Parks Hill. The middle name isn’t in any other Samuel records but the 1757 date fits with later tithable records and war record. In Southern Families, the world tree & many trees on Nancy Tate is listed as probably d. before 1801 since on 4 Dec 1801 a Samuel Hill m. Polly Peay in Louisa. However, both Nancy Tate’s parents died in 1807, Samuel & Nancy inherited land & slaves, in 1808 they sold the land( to John Graves; in 1813 had to undo the sale) as multiple estate lawsuits listed both thru 1810 & then Samuel only thru 1817. I have found no record of Polly Peay Hill in Va after 1801 and many Peays moved to KY & SC. She is a probable descendant of Austin Peay; John & Miley (Mildred?) Peay wit. her marriage.
Direct parental lineage of DNA KIT #290634:
Samuel Hill (c1757-1818)
Lancelot W. Hill (c1804-1870)
Alexander Goss Hill (1856-1930)
Ashby Goss Hill (1906-1991)
Ashby Wayne Hill (1946-living)
contact: wayne hill

KIT # 319484: Information not yet provided by the participant.

KIT # B75139: Information not yet provided by the participant.