Group 32

(Haplotype R1b)

Because this group has so many mismatches in the 37 Marker panel (4), it is highly recommended that each participant consider refining to 67 Markers.

KIT: 73169: ABRAHAM HILL was born about 1785 and died on 20 Feb 1841 in South Carolina, about age 56. The Hill cousins are still researching this ancestor. We do not know where he was born, nor any of his ancestors, but we believe he was born about 1785. He married a “Polly” which some descendants believe to be a woman named Mary Ann Taylor. The couple lived in the Anderson District of South Carolina on Bear Creek Waters of Rocky River. They owned 100 acres of land. Abraham Hill was a farmer by occupation. Listed in the Pendleton District and Anderson County, South Carolina Wills, Estates and Legal Records: “APPRAISMENT: Property of ABRAHAM HILL, dec’d. 20 Feb, 1841. Appr’s: J. J. Robinson, John W Gantt, John Adams. “BILL OF SALE: Property of ABRAHAM HILL, dec’d. 20 Feb. 1841. Negro boy: Andrew. Appr,: John Watt.” Abraham married Mary Ann “Polly” Taylor . Mary was born in 1794 in Georgia. Not much is known about “Polly”. Some descendants believe she was Mary Ann Taylor. In her grandson’s memoirs he wrote that her name was “Martha” and that she was half Cherokee Indian. According to the 1850 Anderson County, South Carolina census the following information is recorded: Mary Hill 56 F born in Georgia, David Hill 23 M born in Georgia, Abram Hill 18 M born in Georgia, John Hill 14 M born in Georgia, Mary Ann Argo 27 F born in Georgia, James W. Argo 6 M born in Georgia, Addison Argo 3 M born in Georgia, ???? Argo 5mo. born in Georgia.
Direct Paternal Lineage of DNA Participant 73169:
Abraham HILL (c1785 – 1841 Anderson Co. SC)
Abraham HILL, Jr. (1826 SC – 1907 Madison Co. GA)
Perry Lee HILL (1881 SC – 1954 Franklin Springs, GA)
J.O. HILL (1912 Franklin Co. GA – 1980 Hart Co. GA)
Charles William HILL
Contact: Donna

KIT 80859: Info not yet provided by participant