Group 34

(Haplotype G2)

None submitted yet by the participants.

KIT N2027: Earliest known ancestor is John Hill (l755? PA/VA.?-l8l0 Kanawha County, VA/WV)
Contact: Charles Hill

KIT 92607: Earliest known ancestor is John Hill (l756 PA?-d. l8l0 Kanawha County, VA/WV).
Paternal lineage of Participant 92607:
John Hill – b. 1756 Pa – d. 1809 Kanawha WVA
George Hill – b. 1786 Pa. – d. 1865 Kanawha WVA
Harrison Hill – b.1824 WVA
John H. Hill – b. 1865 Lawrence Co. Ohio – d. 1919 Hocking Ohio
Thomas Floyd Hill sr, -b. Jackson Ohio 1911, – d. San Juan P.R. 1965
We have reason to believe that our Hill family came to Pa. from Germany. This has not been documented but the G Hapolotype seems to suggest it.
Contact: Tom Hill

KIT 209782: Information not yet provided by participant