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(Haplotype R1b)

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KIT 37155: WILLIAM HILL married Catherine Stacey 7/17/1745 Overwarton Parish Stafford
Co. Va.. Moved to Fauquier Co. and Shenandoah Co. VA. Had 7 children: Ann b. 1746, Sarah b. 1747, John b. 1751, Wm. b. 1753, George b. 1755, Simon b. 1761 – Revol. War pension # S41644, Allen b. 1768
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 37155:
William Hill m. 1745 Stafford VA
Simon Hill b. 1761 Fauquier VA d. abt 1820 Muskingum Co OH
William Hill b. 1797 Shenandoah VA d. abt 1860 Muskingum Co OH
Simon Hill b. 1826 OH d. 1861 OH
William Mathias Hill b. 1855 OH d. 1928 OH
Charles Cleveland Hill b. 1884 OH d. 1969 OH
Richard William Hill b. 1908 OH d. 1972 OH
Robert Hill living

I have good evidence that William Hill’s father was John Hill who died in 1743 and left a widow Elizabeth Hill. This death was recorded in the Overwarton Parish record and I have a photo copy that I made of her estate settlement in a Stafford County Court Book of May 1743. She signed as Elizabeth M. Hill. In the St Paul’s Parish record their is a marriage of John Hill and Elizabeth Mahoney in 1716. A Gencircle site shows a John Hill and ? giving birth to William and John Hill in 1717. This family traces its line back to William Hill and Anne Bradshaw. This is what I am hoping that I can prove. We have numerous court documents, parish records, census, to make my claim to William Hill of 1745 marriage to Catherine Stacey.
Contact: Bob Hill,

KIT 151746: Jesse Hill married Sophia Bonham on 13 Oct 1849 in Licking County, Ohio. Had 5 children: Mary M. b. 1851, Frank b. 1858, Simon Cameron b. 10 Jul 1860, Willie James b. 1866, James b. 1869.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 151746:
William Hill m. 1745 Overwharton Parish Church, Stafford Co. VA
Simon Hill PVT. b. 1761 Fauquier Co. VA
Simon Hill Jr. b. 1792, Shanandoah, VA
Jesse Hill b. 21 Dec 1827, Licking County, Ohio Simon
Cameron Hill b. 10 Jul 1860, Olmstead County, Minnesota
Ashley Joy Hill b. 1902, Iowa Cameron Jackson Hill living
Contact: Cindy Oliver: