Group 49

(Haplotype R1b1B2)

Per FTDNA analysis at the 37 Marker level: Participants 177107 and 179949 are only possibly related. With a 32/37 match you share the same surname (or a variant) with another male and you mismatch by five ‘points’ –a 32/37 match. It is most likely that you did not 12/12 or 24/25 or 25/25 in previous Y-DNA tests. If several or many generations have passed it is possible that these two group members are related through other family members. That would require that each line had experienced separate mutations and one person would have experienced at least 2 mutations. The only way to confirm or deny is to test additional family lines and find where the mutation took place. Only by testing additional family members can you find the person in between each of you…this ‘in betweener’ becomes essential for you to find, and without him only the possibility of a match exists, further evidence should be pursued.

Special notation: 67 Marker extended testing for Participant 177107 will either prove or disprove the relation between Participants 177107 and 179949. The 32/37 match is unusual within the project, and for now the kits have been grouped as “possibly related” per the FTDNA analysis above.

KIT #179949: Colonel Humphrey Hill (b/ 1709 – d/1775), son of Thomas and Edith (Bell) Hill, of London, England, was born in 1709. After Edith died his father Thomas Hill abandoned Humphrey Hill at an orphanage. His uncle Humphrey Bell later rescued him and sent him to Virginia to handle Bell-family business interests. Humphrey Hill settled in King and Queen County. He had a brother, Thomas Hill, who resided in Spotsylvania County, VA. He married Frances Baylor, (b/ – d/1811), daughter of Robert & Hannah (Gregory) Baylor. Colonel Humphrey Hill built “Hillsborough” where he was buried in 1775. Children of Col. Humphrey Hill and Frances Baylor: 1 – Ann Hill m/married Isaac Dabney; 2 – Frances Hill m/married Baylor Walker; 3 – Mary Hill m/Joseph Temple; 4 – Baylor Hill m/Mary Brook, dau of Col. George Brooke; 5 – John Hill m/Mary Elliott of King William Co. 6 – Robert Hill m/Hannah, dau of Samuel Garlick; 7 – William Hill (b/ – d/1802) m/Elizabeth (Betsey?) Baylor (b/ – d/1811); 8 – Edward Hill m/Fannie Brooke Baylor; 9 – Elizabeth Hill m/Samuel Garlick, Jr; 10 – Humphrey Hill
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 179949.
1 – Colonel Humphrey Hill (b/ 1709 – d/1775) m/Frances Baylor (b/ – d/1811).
2 – William Hill (b/ – d/1802) m/Elizabeth (Betsey?) Baylor (b/ – d/1811) and resided at “Smithfield”
2 – William Hill Jr. (b/1791 – d/1874) m/Lucy Garnett Baylor (b/1793 – d/1867), dau of Robert & Lucy Todd Garnett Baylor.
3 – William Brooke Hill (b/1817 – 1903) m/Henrietta James Robinson (b/1822 – d/1903)
4 – James Leslie Hill (b/1860 – d/1951) m/Louise B Lewis (b/1868 – d/1953)
5 – Lewis Easton Hill (b/1902 – d/) m/Sherley Emma Hill (b/1906 – d/ )
6 – Living Hill (b/1934 – )

KIT 177107: GEORGE HILL b/aft 1650, probably Isle of Wight Co., VA; d/30 Mar 1723 Bath Co., NC; m/Mary (maiden name unknown). Their children were John d/1731, George II d/1728, Harmon I. d/1755 and Rachel Hill. All died in the Bath/Beaufort Co., NC area. George Hill is believed to have been a son of Nicholas Hill and Silvestra Bennett of Isle of Wight Co., VA, whose children were George Hill, Ann Bennett Hill, Mary Hill, Richard Hill, Martha Hill and Elizabeth Hill. Family researchers of this lineage have never been able to trace the above George Hill. However, his sister, Ann B. Hill moved to the Bath/Beaufort Co., NC after her first husband (Jacob Darden) died June 1719. She later married James Leigh in Bath/Beaufort Co., NC. It just so happens that a George Hill lived in this area at that time and is found in at least two different transactions with James Leigh.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 177107:
George Hill (aft 1650 VA? – 1723 NC)
John Hill (b/???? – 1731 NC)
Joshua I. Hill (b/???? – 1785 NC)
Lazarous I. Hill (b/???? – 1817 NC)
Lazarous Hill (b/???? – 1856 NC)
George Washington Hill, Born July 4 1848 Died June 16 1920
George Washington Hill Jr., Born April 17 1892, Died Dec.08 1964
Paul Graydon Hill, Born Dec. 24 1914, Died Aug.26 1982
Kenneth David Hill, Born Dec. 08 1946 (Living)
Contact: Kenneth Hill:

KIT 57476: Surname HIGH. The participant for this kit is deceased, but the following information comes from the family:
I regret to inform you that my brother, W E High passed April 1 2009. He had submitted his DNA at my request when I connected with Grace High Lawrence (now deceased) who had the “High Family Notes” published. Her brother’s DNA was submitted for the High DNA project and she was the administrator as well as member of the High Family Asso of which Lake Erie High was President. All were sure our g g great grandfather, Julius High, was descendant of Thomas High, the Englishman of VA as an LDS woman in Salt Lake City also claimed him as her ancestor. My brother’s DNA was not a match. If we are indeed of a High family, it could be another and the way I see it, we will only know the facts when there is finely a perfect match to my brother’s DNA.  I do find it interesting that the Hill family are such a close match however, I’m not that computer savvy so not really sure as to how to join the High group to the Hill family group. I’m more than glad to and will look into that.  With the Y37 it does say that if names are different it could be distant, however, at this time we’re in a quandry for Lake High of the High family Asso even suggested that Julius High b 1782 Norfolk VA and later enumerated on Bladen Co NC 1810-20 census then in Florida by 1830 could have been adopted or taken in as families once did if the child was indeed an orphan/waif. We do hope that is not the case and that we will find that our ancestor was of another High lineage. From the Haplogroup chart it does look as though we were primarily English then I see some Irish and German as well. An Auntie tells me it was always handed down that we were of German decent but too, I’ve learned that stories handed down often times may come from the maternal side.  Waiting patiently for that Y 67 marker DNA person that could make it clearer whether we be of the High family or not.
Sandra C High