Group 50

(Haplotype R1b1b2)


KIT 176895:
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 176895:
Thomas HILL b.???? NY? d. 1840 MO, m. Mary (unk)
Thomas HILL b. 1804 KY d. 1892 MO m. Mary ALLEY
Charles Hill. b. 1830 MO d. 1876 m. Martha Riser in 1860 TX
Bonnie Thomas HILL b. 1871 d. 1966 Stanton, TX m, Ada Lea Chambers 1894 TX
Belton Turner HILL. m. Annie SELF
Bobby Joe HILL m. Bobbie ATCHISON
Bruce Gordon HILL (Living)

KIT 705548: Information not yet provided by the participant