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(Haplotype R1b1b2)


KIT 183044: Looking for ancestors/info of THOMAS HILL b. about 1720s-1739? This DNA kit matches in all 64 markers a second researcher looking for info on a Thomas Hill who married a Mary Alley around mid 1800s in KY but both researchers cannot find a common ancestor. (See that kit info at end of this document).

See end of this document for direct parental lineage of this Kit 183044 researcher: Note: There are at least two Thomas Hills and Robert Hills in Kentucky and Virginia, then Tennessee around the exact same time periods, so care must be taken in research.

Summary: THOMAS HILL born unknown location and date, (probably 1720s to early 1730s) died Washington Co VA, on 04 Dec. 1781. He had land grant in Kentucky. Some of his children appear in Kentucky in teens. No evidence of Thomas being in Kentucky. Researcher descends from the son of THOMAS HILL , Robert Hill.
THOMAS HILL married perhaps twice: Second wife, possibly a widow, named Elizabeth Wallace. Will is 20 March 1782 in Washington Co, VA and various court transactions refer to Elizabeth Hill and the following children. In addition Elizabeth Wallace –Hill is said to have had two children when she married THOMAS HILL, a Rachael and a Jennie.
This is speculation based on this researcher’s deceased great uncle’s diary so it is unproven. Apparent children of THOMAS HILL and unknown Wife 1, per his diary are:

1 Archibald b 1758? Died during Rev. War
2. Jane Hill – Married James Gilmer
3. ROBERT HILL b about 1759-1763 – married twice or three times, first to Leah Harbison in 1791 in Mercer Co, KY, then to Louisa J. Harrison in 1834 in Nashville. ***DNA participant descends from this Robert)
4. William b 1760 moved to Kentucky with his brothers
5. Isabella Jane Hill married Thomas Robert Steele
6. Margaret Hill married Berry then Martin
7. Anne Hill married William Curry in KY

Then THOMAS HILL married a widow ? Eliz Wallace
8. Rebecca Hill married a James Craig
9. James Hill – never married, stayed in Kentucky
10. Sally Hill married William Berry
11. Mary Ann Hill married William Robinson,
12. Betsy Hill married Mclier? Melier?
13. Thomas Jr. Hill b. 1775? (Family notes indicate question mark)

***(3) ROBERT HILL’S DOB from obituary written in 1845) Said to be long time resident of Davidson Co. Had property around Belle Meade in Nashville and associated w/ numerous Nashville notables such as the Robertson’s, etc. Robert’s father is THOMAS HILL b 1720s to early 1730s of which almost nothing is known except that he had a land grant in Kentucky which he deeded to his sons William, James and Robert. James stayed in Kentucky for many years and apparently did not marry. ROBERT HILL migrated to Tennessee with some families after 1791 as noted below:

Robert and first wife, Leah Harbison married 1791 Mercer Co, KY. They had one known son: Thomas Hill born approx 1791 died approx 1835; Nashville, TN. Thomas Hill married Sarah Wood Thomas in 1813 in Davidson Co, TN. Their children were: Robert Thomas Hill Sr. b approx 1815 died 1863 Nashville, TN, who married Catherine Tannehill Stout; Emmeline Hill who married Mortimer Hamilton; and Susan Maria Hill who married a Mr. Saffarans.

Children of Robert Thomas Hill Sr. and Catherine Tannehill Stout above were Catherine b 1844; Thomas b 1846; Samuel H. b 1847; Jesse Thomas b 1850 (Mayor of Chattanooga) ; Josiah (Joe) Wilkins, b 1852; Sarah (Sallie)b 1855; Robert Thomas b 1858 (aka Father of Texas Geology)and Margaret Jane (Maggie) b 1859.

Robert Hill and second wife Louisa J. Harrison married in 1834 in Nashville, TN. They had the following children: William Green b 1835, died shortly after Civil War; John M. b 1836, died 1904, Wilson Co, TN married Susan Holman Allen; Robert Thomas b 1839; Cyrus W. born 1840; Preston Y (PY) born 1841, James M. b 1844, Armistead J. b 1845. DNA participant descends from John M. Hill above.

Direct Paternal Lineage of DNA Participant: 183044
Thomas Hill b. 1720s to early 1730s, d. Dec 1781, Washington Co. VA
Robert Hill Esquire b. 1765 unknown, d. 1845 Wilson Co, TN ( DNA participant’s gggrandfather)
John M. Hill b 26 Aug 1836 Wilson Co, TN; d. 1904 Wilson Co, TN
William Robert Hill b 20 Jan 1862, Wilson Co, TN; d 5 June 1936
Jerry A. Hill b 1917 Wilson Co, TN d approx 2004
Living Male Participant b 1948
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KIT 176895:
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 176895:
Thomas HILL b.???? NY? d. 1840 MO, m. Mary (unk)
Thomas HILL b. 1804 KY d. 1892 MO m. Mary ALLEY
Charles Hill. b. 1830 MO d. 1876 m. Martha Riser in 1860 TX
Bonnie Thomas HILL b. 1871 d. 1966 Stanton, TX m, Ada Lea Chambers 1894 TX
Belton Turner HILL. m. Annie SELF
Bobby Joe HILL m. Bobbie ATCHISON
Bruce Gordon HILL (Living)