Sponsorship Requests & Offers

Posted January 12, 2015
It has been three years since my last post. So I thought I might try again. I am looking for sponsorship for the 37 marker dna test. I have documentation linking me to Abel Hill in South Carolina (gf Valdry P. Hill, ggf George P. Hill, ggf Ashworth Hill 1815 Pickens S.C. gggf George W. Hill 1760 York Co. S.C. possible ggggf Abel Hill 1730 VA, ) Valdry changed his last name to Rhea while in acting in a Vaudeville show in the early 1900’s. There is also linkage to another branch of Hill’s, on my ggm Fannie Acker (George Hill’s wife) shows a connection through her gm Ruth Halbert to William Halbert husband of Elizabeth Hill, daughter of William Hill of Exssex Co. VA. I have reached a stone wall and believe with this test I might finally make a breakthrough. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark Rhea, mrheaclan@outlook.com
Posted May 16, 2013
My friend traces his Hill ancestors back to Valentine Hill of New Hampshire. About 1610. After Valentine comes Nathaniel Hill, Samuel Hill, another Valentine Hill, Soloman Hill, Alvah Hill, and Silas Emerson Hill. He would like to get a sponsor for the 37 marker test. Thanks. Tom Hill, tomhill7@charter.net
Posted March 5, 2013
DNA test sponsorship (37 markers) offered for a DNA test participant with lineage connected to Mountain Hill of Warren Co. GA. Sponsor will select one participant subject to review of lineage. Selected participant will have full access to results, and shared access to the participant’s DNA account at FTDNA. Please contact Pat Griffith at: OldVaLady@aol.com

Posted November 15, 2012
Sponsorship offered for anyone thinking they may be connected to Group 23 (descendants of Swinfield Hill of Franklin Co VA and Swinfield Hill of NC/TN). We are looking for a common ancestor of this group.
Contact William N. Hill, wnhill2@charter.net

Posted November 2, 2012
Willing to sponsor DNA analysis for one male Hill with a reasonably well documented lineage to any of the following Virginia Hill lineages (1700s):
(1) Isaac Hill/Margaret Jennings or their son William Hill
(2) John D. Hill of Amherst County, Va.
(3) Humphrey Hill of Caroline, Va.
(4) William C. Hill of Augusta County, Va.
Contact: Marine263@ma.rr.com

Posted November 2, 2012
Hill descendants are pleased to sponsor or co-sponsor a 37-marker test for any Hill whose lineage, based on reasonable documentation of his line of descent, can be determined to advance current family knowledge and understanding of either of two SWINFIELD HILL FAMILY lines: (1) the NC SWINFIELD b. 1769 in Burke Co., NC whose sons are Charles, Absalom, and John Hill, (Family Group 23) or (2) the sons of Robert Hill (1713 -1778) and Vialeta Linus (1721-1803) who settle in Franklin Co. ,VA, either SWINFIELD b. 1743 in Chester Co., PA, whose sons are Wilson Hill and John Hill (b. abt 1790/91) or Swinfield’s brother THOMAS HILL b. 1745 whose son is Luke Hill. Results will analyzed and publicly posted at this site and elsewhere.
Contact Fran: fhill2@comcast.net

Posted March 15, 2011
I was thinking of joining this project, have been for over a year bit am only employed part-time at the moment (I’m a copywriter). So I would love a sponsor — here’s my background, please see if it is any use to you. Don’t have precise details with me, but can get:
Me: Barry Hill
Father: Joseph William Hill, D-Day Vet in RAF as mechanic for ‘forward-artillary’ spotter planes. Born 1922 in Bromborough Village, Cheshire, England (just south of Liverpool), emigrated to Canada afterwards.
Grandfather: J W Hill Snr, WW1 vet. Born 1896 I believe, also in same area.
Gr Grandad – born in Somerset, UK, moved up to north after meeting wife at local market.
There are many siblings too I can get names of — at least one died in WW1 I believe.
Barry Hill: bch999@yahoo.com