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KIT 67256: JAMES HILL (c1774 PA-1844 Floyd Co.VA)
Paternal lineage of participant 67256:
James Hill – born in PA about 1774 – died July 8, 1844 Floyd Co. VA m. Nancy unknown, born in PA
Elijah Samuel Hill – b. Nov. 27, 1818 – Franklin Co. VA – d. Dec. 18, 1878 Floyd Co. VA m. Sarah Duncan, Floyd Co. VA
Enoch D. Hill – b. Feb.17, 1850 Floyd VA – d. Dec. 10, 1930 Armstrong, IA m. Roena Dodd Wade, Floyd C. VA
Everette Caleb Hill Sr. – b- Mar.9, 1898, Floyd VA- d. Sept. 24,1964 Roanoke VA m. *Emma Sue Conner (*see note below) , Floyd Co. VA
Ervin Hope Hill – b.Sept.23, 1923, Floyd VA – d. June 18,1969 Roanoke VA / Mary Moran / Floyd Co. VA
Cecil Lee Hill -b. Jan.2, 1944 Roanoke VA / Wanda Lucado , Roanoke VA
*Note that Emma Sue Conner (b.1905) was the daughter of Nancy Elizabeth Hill (b. 1880, Floyd Co. VA) and Walter Elmore Conner. Nancy Elizabeth Hill was the daughter of James Wilson Hill (b. 1859, Floyd Co. VA) of a completely different HILL line (the line of Robert Hill of c1718 Dublin, IRE who married Violet Linus in 1741)
Contact: Cecil Hill

KIT 308909: Ephraim Hill d.1815 (Lineage info not yet provided by Participant)

KIT 372928: (Lineage info not yet provided by Participant)

KIT 420512
Paternal lineage of participant 420512:
David Hill b-1673 Belfast Ireland, d-Before 1773 Belfast Ireland, Wife-Margaret Haliday???
James Hill b-about 1705 Belfast Ireland, d-8/1765 Chester County, PA, Wife-Elizabeth Sloan Stephenson
Robert Hill (1) b-1739 Belfast Ireland, d-6/12/1800 Iredell County, NC, Wife-Mary Logan
Robert Hill (2) b-2/11/1773 Iredell County, NC, d-7/1850 Williamson County, TN. Wife-Eleanor Fulton
John H Hill b-1814 Williamson County, TN, d-7/23/1896 Williamson County, TN, Wife -Susan E. Hughes
John Robert Hill b-7/17/1848 Franklin, TN, d-5/9/1921 Franklin, TN, Wife- Emma Brown Roberts
Henry Moss Hill Sr b- 9/4/1902 Franklin, TN, d-4/25/94 San Antonio, TX, Wife-Ava Lee Stevens
Henry Moss Hill Jr – living b-1934 San Antonio, TX, Wife – Patsy Ann Voges
Henry Michael (Mike) Hill – living, b-1956 San Antonio, TX, living in Nashville, TN
Contact: Mike Hill,

KIT 587515: (Lineage info not yet provided by Participant)