Group 65

(Haplotype R-M269)

On December 13, 2015, as HILL DNA PROJECT administrator I asked the FTDNA the following: “KIT 279586 and KIT 43363 are matched strong (by matching standards for 37 Markers), yet their Haplotype is not the same. Please advise if I should group them together or not”. 

On December `6, 2015, the FTDNA responded:  “The only reason why they have different Terminal SNPs (the numbers and letters after the R) is because Jeffrey (43363) has taken more SNP testing. They are still apart of the same haplogroup. You can still group them together. Thank you for contacting us and have a great day”! —Chabrelle W, Information Specialist, Family Tree DNA

KIT 43363: Information not yet provided by the Participant

KIT 279586: The most distant person proven in this line is Clement Hill of Barren County. Per his Revolutionary War Pension application recorded in the Barren County Minute Book 5: Clement Hill appeared on 24 Jan 1831. He stated that he was 73 years Old and had enlisted for 18 months on or about 25 April 1779 in VA in the company commanded by Captain Adam WALLIS in VA in the regiment commanded by Col Abraham BRIFORD, Continental line. Continued to serve until the 25th day of Oct 1780 when discharged in Hillsborough NC. The proven children of Clement Hill/Mary Douglas are 1 – George Douglas Hill and 2 – Rebecca Hill b. 1785 – 1795; d. after 1831. There may be other children.
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 279586:
Clement Hill (B: 1757 (VA?)- D: 1836 KY) m/Mary Ann Douglass
George Douglas Hill (B: 1801 KY – D: 1859 TX) m/Mary (Unknown)
Clement C. Hill (B: 1832 TX – D: 1902 (ca) TX) m/Martha Matilda Owens
Dellas C. Hill (B: 1881 TX – D: 1948 TX) m/Lula Myrtle Gray
Carroll Floyd Hill (B: 1912 TX – D: 1981 TX m/Gladys Bertie Hargrove
Living Hill (B: 1943 TX).

KIT 782186: Clement Hill (1757 – 1836)
Direct paternal lineage of DNA participant 782186:
Clement Hill (1757 – 1836) m. Mary Ann Douglas (1766 – 1848)
George Douglas HILL (1801 – 1859) m. Mary Bromfield Mason Murphy (1801 – 1859)
Clement Clay Hill (1832 – 1910) m. Martha Matilda Owens (1840 – 1907)
Delles Carroll Hill (1881 – 1948) m. Lula Myrtle Gray (1886 – 1955)
Herbert Wade Hill (1906 – 1987) m. Vivian Jewel Gray (1910 – 1978)
Donald Gray Hill (1932 – 1995) m. Romilda Eva Lewellyn (1933 – 2006)
Brian Cameron Hill Solomon (living)
Contact: Brian Cameron Hill Soloman: