Group 66

(Haplotype R-M269)


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KIT B48312: William Hill is believed to have been born in 1824. The only record of his existence is found in the 1850 Greene County, North Carolina, census. In that census, he is 26 years of age. He is residing with his wife Nancy Hill (Bunn) of Greene County, NC, age 19, their daughter Louisa Hill (Fields), an infant, and a female named Treacy Hill, age 58. It is presumed that Treacy is or may be William Hill’s mother. This assumption is made only because of the same surname and the age. No other record is found on Treacy other than the 1850 census record. Also listed is Francis Slaughter, age 15. While the Slaughter surname is found in the community of Hookerton, NC where William Hill resided, there is no known connection. William Hill is not found in any other census record in Greene County. His wife Nancy Hill (Bunn) is found along with several other children (Richard, Virginia Ann, and William Elizabeth Hill (daughter) in subsequent census records in Hookerton, NC (Greene County). Nancy Hill and the children except Louisa Hill (Fields) are all buried in Rainbow Cemetery in Greene County, NC. Louisa Hill (Fields) is buried in Greenwood Cemetery located in Knoxville, TN. On her death certificate, the informant, her daughter, indicated that Louisa’s father was Richard Hill of Tennessee. No record has been located that would substantiate this information.
Direct Paternal lineage of Participant B48312:
William Hill, estimated birth year is 1824, presumed died about 1858, Greene County, North Carolina.
Richard Hill, born Feb 20, 1852, died March 16, 1927 (Greene County, NC).
Roscoe Burdeen Hil, born Feb 9, 1892, died May 8, 1935 (Greene County, NC).
Oscar Thomas Hill, born April 9, 1911, died Sept 10, 1976 (Greene County, NC).
Charles Carroll Hill, (father) living, born Greene County.
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